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- - By c1dreamer Date 01.07.09 12:01
Hi all,

I am just in the process of getting a full Williams sticker set drawn up and printed as they are no longer available from BMW. I have all of the originals to act as a template excepting those on the front mudguard. Would one of you kind souls with access to a williams kindly

1. Trace round the existing sticker and scan/ email or post them to me (i will pay the postage) - prefered option or.....
2. Measure the rectangular sticker on the mudguard sides and let me know the approx dimensions.

Thanks in anticipation.

Parent - By Gerard Date 01.07.09 16:47

I have a complete set of Williams stickers and the white and blue panels to go with them. Basically a whole C1's worth of Willliams panels but you have to put the stickers on the panels yourself.  I would like to sell them as one  lot if you are interested.

Parent - - By actd Date 01.07.09 17:06
Out of curiosity, what is it costing to do this printing - I could quite fancy the idea (sometime in the future) of having a full set of Williams style stickers in something like reflective orange to go on my red C1 - would be a good safety feature for night driving as well.
Parent - - By c1dreamer Date 02.07.09 20:34

The main cost of this piece is in designing the cutting templates, printing is comparitively cheap.

For example, the artwork cost me £350 plus vat! and I can now get as many sticker sets run off as I want.

If you want a set of stickers let me know and I can get them cut for you. This will be at a slight premium over cost to recoup some of my outlay on the tempates.

Drop me PM if you're interested.
Parent - By actd Date 03.07.09 20:52
Not interested at the moment, but I'll keep it in mind for the future. Paying a premium is more than fair since you've done the work and paid for the artwork.
Parent - - By c1dreamer Date 02.07.09 20:35
A kind soul has now sent the a copy of the stickers so I'm sorted now, thanks.
Parent - - By rpcleerkes Date 20.12.13 14:27
I would like to buy a set decals for a 200 cc BMW c1 Williams

could you help me?

thank you!!

best regards Robbie Leerkes
Parent - - By shaundarker Date 04.10.15 14:06
I'm also after a set of decals for a BMW C1 125cc Williams ?    Any help ? Thanks
Parent - - By mateusz Date 02.07.18 12:16
Also looking for Williams stickers ;/
Parent - - By alunt Date 02.07.18 17:14
Variobob is your best bet.
Parent - - By mateusz Date 03.07.18 07:41
Yes I contact him, but after second message, no answer :(
Parent - By alunt Date 06.07.18 12:57
- - By Derek Phippen Date 02.06.20 10:57
Looking for a complete set of Williams F1 stickers for my C1. Anyone help?
Parent - By variobob Date 11.06.20 17:24

I am sorry for the fact that I did not react quick enough earlier... I will gladly try to provide a full set. I will ask for a quote of my supplier.

Many greetings from the Netherlands,

Parent - - By variobob Date 13.06.20 19:37
At the cost of 240 euros including shipping fee and tax I could provide the Williams full sticker kit. The price is quoted in june 2020 (I mention it to prevend problems when read somewhere in the future....

If you wish to order, please send me an email through: variobob => (you know where to find the @ key :-)


Parent - By HelmetHair Date 14.06.20 10:33 Edited 16.06.20 10:39
I have a partial sticker set for a family friend now listed in parts for sale.
going on ebay shortly
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