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- - By actd Date 21.10.05 08:46
With thanks to Lawrie for this information :-)

If you have to replace the sprag-clutch, it takes about 1/2 hour, I did one yesterday!
1 Disconect the lamda sensor plug under r/hand panel,  2 nuts on head, 3 caphead bolts on rear frame, then the exhaust.
2 drain engine oil.
3 unplug the alternator connector under r/hand side panel.
4 unplug ignition trigger connector under r/hand panel
5 remove the caphead bolts from the alternator case.
6 pull off the case.
7 remove the centre bolt from the alternator bell.
8 screw a m16-fine bolt into the centre good & tight whilst holding the bell, then give it a good sharp with a copper mallet,
  the complete bell, along with the starter gear/sprag will then come away.
9 the sprag/gear can then be removed by undoing the 3 capheads inside the bell.
10 watch out for the starter idler  gear coming off as you remove the bell, it must fit with the smaller gear on the inside.
I doubt very much that the sprag has failed, they are very robust, & so long as the oil is clean & been changed regular, it should
outlast the bike. Dead easy to check, hold the bell in one hand, face down & then the gear on the back should rotate easily in one direction, but totally lock with NO rotation in the other!
Parent - - By actd Date 16.01.06 11:12
For anyone doing this, the part number is 12307655266 - it took me ages to find this as, of course, it's not in the online parts catalogue under the starter motor - it's part of the generator!!!
Parent - - By actd Date 22.09.06 17:22
Parent - - By actd Date 03.06.11 13:18
If anyone needs to remove the alternator bell, I now have a large M16 fine bolt (thanks to C1unkfish) which is available for anyone to borrow. Saves destroying the sump drain plug.
Parent - By Muddi Camel Date 15.06.11 22:01
Alternative source for a bolt - driveshaft bolt for BIG vw's - like a T4 for example..............
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