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- - By pokecheck Date 12.03.04 10:29 Edited 05.01.07 18:11
I've been trying to compile a list of FAQs (and some answers which have been gleaned from the Forum)

This list is by no means authoritative and the same applies to the answers. I've supplied some quick answers to some topics and would be grateful if members can add comments which may help - I'll take the comments and edit them to provide a more comprehensible answer.

Anyway, here's the current draft of the FAQs, currently in no particular order, although I have tried to group similar topics:

  How do I reset the moditec (Engine Management Unit)?
  How can I transport a C1?
  Where can I get Insurance?
  What different models are there?
  Do I have to wear a helmet?
  Where can I find the C1 Crash Test Videos?
  How can I tell if a bike is fitted with ABS?
  Is it possible to retrofit ABS?
  What is an HPS?
  Are there solutions to common problems?
  Where can I get a service?
  How much should I pay for a service?
  What is the Service regime?
  How do I change the oil?
  How can I replace/repair the black, side impact protectors / crash elements /bumpers / pyramids / nipples?
  Where can I get parts?
  How can I 'weatherproof' the bike's internals?
  Where can I get a wind deflector kit?
  Where can I get a cover for the C1?
  Can I get better performance?
  What type of tyres are best?
  What is the FAS?
  How can I improve the FAS?
  Is it possible to fit extra lights?
  What is a PDB?
  Can I change the lock on my PDB to accept my ignition key?
  How can I secure the PDB?
  How can I secure the bike's levers?
  How can I repair the stand so that the small lever operates it properly?
  What is an FPN?
  Are there any tips for beginners?
  Can I get a C1 in the USA?
  How do I put pictures on the forum?
  How do I stop the Site Certificates PopUp Messages ?
  Why are the 'post times' wrong?
Parent - By pokecheck Date 14.05.04 10:02
Although there are some amusing 'answers' coming in, if they don't help the general theme of the FAQ I'm afraid I'll have to delete them :-(

This is to try and preserve the 'integrity' of the answers and not to confuse novices...

Parent - - By johnc10 Date 11.07.04 10:00 Edited 24.11.05 10:46
Parent - - By pokecheck Date 11.07.04 17:55

When I get a moment to sort it out - if anyone wants to find the links to these problems/solutions and post them here in the meantime then that'll help :-)
Parent - By actd Date 08.07.09 12:55
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