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- - By pokecheck Date 12.03.04 10:20
What type of tyres are best?

A number of Forum members have reported the best handling and tyre longevity with a Michelin Bopper on the Front and a Bridgestone Hoop on the rear
Parent - - By oopster Date 12.07.05 00:48
I was wondering what the proper tyre pressue should be, 'cos mine still doesn' feel right, very "squelchy" sometimes.  I haven't had chance to take it back to the garage to check it out since it's mot.
Parent - - By actd Date 12.07.05 15:49
The recommended (assuming no pillion) is 29 front, 31 rear (or 1.9 bar/2.1 bar) - you can vary by a couple of PSI normally. They must be checked when cold as this does make a big difference. If your tyres are getting any less than about 2mm tread, then the handling will feel significantly off, even though you are still perfectly legal.
Parent - - By WhyLinda Date 05.08.09 12:17
I think this is out of date information. At one time Boopa front Hoop rear was all the rage, now it is 100% beyond question that Bridgestone Hoops front and rear are the only way to go.

I have experienced the difference myself and would not consider any other combination.
Parent - By actd Date 05.08.09 21:25
There was a problem with the rear boppas cracking, and they wore out very fast (and it's a pain changing the rear tyre) - the front boppas are actually very good, which is why the front boppa/rear hoop was popular. The front hoop is almost as good for feel and grip and lasts for ages - I also have a personal opinion that unless there's a good reason not to, it's best to have the same make/model of tyre front and rear as this is the only combination that any manufacturer has tested. Hoops front and rear are certainly what I'd recommend if you can get them.
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