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- - By nac363 Date 09.09.21 19:43
Hello, looking for an honest bike without too many issues, pref. 200cc. thanks. I'm in Exeter
Parent - By Clunkfish Date 09.09.21 20:20
Well funnily enough I have been thinking of selling my C1, to fund a small car for my granddaughter. It's a 2003 C1 200 Executive, graphite with tan seat, top box, and additional front driving lights (professionally installed by the excellent V-Ten Motorcycles in Thornbury). It has never been dropped and everything works. Serviced every year at V-Ten, with an oil and filter change even if, as in the last few years (since I retired) it has done hardly any miles (averaging 400 per year). It has always been garaged.

In short, it's probably one of the best C1s out there and I'd be looking for a price that reflects this. Make me an offer!
Up Topic Classifieds / C1s Wanted / BMW c1 wanted

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