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- - By SomersetC1 Date 28.08.21 17:05
My 2002 C1 200 has been starting and running well until a couple of times recently it would not engage the drive after a cold start. This cleared after a few goes and I was able to continue riding. The revs will now not increase enough to engage the drive, as if one of the interlocks is preventing it from being driven. The stand is raised and the seatbelts clipped in. The seatbelt warning light is on when belts are unclipped, off when belts are clipped in. Can anyone suggest where I should start looking?
Parent - By rockstedy Date 28.08.21 17:38
Faulty seatbelt switch, unplug cable from it ( most likely 1 ) under seat in front of coolant expansion tank and should ride without problem. Have one of my belt with temperamental switch making me randomly unable to take off from traffic light which was bit dangerous so quick fix was to unplug faulty sensor.
Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 28.08.21 19:46
RS could be right, but I’d be tempted to check the stand switch as the belt light is going off.

PS welcome!
Do let us know when /how you fix it, or if you need more hints.
Parent - By rockstedy Date 29.08.21 15:02
Agree stand switch would be also next to check on my list.
Parent - - By SomersetC1 Date 29.08.21 18:06
Thanks for all your help - was great to go straight to the likely source.
Procedure was:
Unplug the seatbelt switches one at a time to eliminate them.
Unplug stand switch connector and remove Allen screw to take out stand switch.
I was hoping to take out the switch, wire and plug to test on the bench but it's looped over the washer reservoir and appears to be clipped.
My probes won't make contact inside the narrow holes in the plug so I stripped away the insulation on the wires close to it and attached a multimeter using crocodile clips.
Operating the micro switch showed no reading therefore the switch is faulty.
I cut the wires close to the plug, joined them and pushed it back in the socket.
Revs now go up up on throttle and drive engages as it should.
I am now looking for a replacement switch - does anyone know where I might find one?
Thanks again.
Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 30.08.21 08:21
Glad you got that found!
There is a switch on eBay in Germany but at around £60+Brexit tax id leave that!
I’ve got a spare frame I’ll check if the switch is on it later. It’s a bit buried at the moment.
Parent - - By SomersetC1 Date 30.08.21 08:55
Thanks HelmetHair
Yes agree that's a lot of courier charges and tax for a small part - would be great if you have one available but if not I'll run it as it is until I can find one.
Probably best if I put a post it note on the dash to remind myself to raise stand before driving away...
MOT is November - don't know if it's a fail if it's been removed rather than fitted and not working...
Parent - By ed-in Date 31.08.21 09:37
Have you tried BMW. I got one a few years ago and was an easy fit.
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