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- - By andyshooter Date 19.08.21 21:13
I went to look at a barn find last week its a 2000 c1 125cc covered in 15 years of dust so bought it as a non runner got it home gave it a wash and a good clean connected a battery and put some petrol in and it started switched it off then put the ignition on to see the millage and it read 01004 unbelievable its a cracker will keep you posted (full service kit on its way) it does have a cracked screen tho.
Parent - By p.gill Date 20.08.21 14:34
When replacing the screen I’d remove the roof section complete, then it can be split in half, this is far more time consuming but risk of damaging the replacement screen is much reduced, speaking from experience having replaced two screens myself.
Parent - By HelmetHair Date 22.08.21 15:50
I think I saw that for sale.
I do t know what value it will be.
High because of mileage, low because it hasn’t been used.
£500 less than either because you want a new screen to Maintain the value and it’s a PAIN to fit.
Not that difficult, but the risk is breaking the new one.

The other problem is that as soon as you use it the mileage will go up so it’s value as a low
Mileage bike will decrease.
Anyway. Photos please! And any accessories come with it?
Up Topic Chat Forums / C1 Spotted! / Hi all new here

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