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- - By Lar Date 22.06.21 16:47
Hi. New to forum so not sure of etiquette here. Front brake lever stuck - won't move. Local bike shop thinks fault with front ABS unit - suggests replacing it. Beyond my capability to fix. But ABS lights not coming on so I'm wondering if anyone has had this/similar problem - before letting local shop loose, are there other possible causes I should investigate. Thanks.
Parent - By patc50 Date 24.06.21 16:57
I'm hoping that someone with more technical knowledge than me can help ...... but, before thinking about replacing the ABS (second mortgage required to buy one!), have you taken the front wheel off and checked that the pistons can move in the brake calliper?

Parent - By HelmetHair Date 24.06.21 17:59
Is the lever rusty?
NEver heard of one being stuck before!

Parent - - By alunt Date 30.06.21 09:17
I agree that the brake caliper pistons would be worth investigating first.

I've had brake master cylinders fail but this usually means a soft or spongey brake lever. Can you disconnect the lever from the hydraulic pipe and see if it's still stuck due to some mechanical failure inside it? This would help narrow down the problem. New master cylinders with brake lever are available from BMW, there's no refurbishment kit option as far as I know.

I've come across failed ABS pumps as well, but they never cause a locked brake lever in my experience and have always triggered the ABS lights to come on.
Parent - - By Lar Date 30.06.21 20:58
Thank you for suggestions/options and sorry for delay acknowledging - I was away for a few days. I don't have the answer yet but seems pretty clear that it isn't ABS unit itself. I'll look into more and post up outcome when I get there.
Parent - By Lar Date 30.06.21 21:02
and thank you to member who offered to come and help if I'm near London (I don't see post anywhere now) - it was a very generous offer of your time (but I'm in Dublin).
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