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- - By Kevlincoln Date 28.03.21 13:36
Decided it's time to try and revive the Williams 125 I have had SORN for a while following MOT failure.
I think the MOT issues are not too difficult as I have spares to cover.
More of a problem is the Sprag clutch/spring. Where do I get parts?
Read the instructions and note it is not an engine out job. But I am getting too old to be working on my knees and got no way of getting C1 up to bench level.
Anyone know where in my area I might find someone willing to work on it? I am able to pay but not dealer rates.
I live in Stamford, Lincs.
Parent - By Clunkfish Date 28.03.21 13:56
Hi Kev, it isn't too bad a job - I've done it, so it can't be that challenging! I was given instructions by Bolt-on-Billy (who many members here will remember with fondness). He said:

Basically drop oil, take exhaust off [it is possible to do with exhaust in place], take alternator shell off praying you don’t wreck the gasket, tie the shell to the shock absorber then you have the magnetic flywheel in front of you.

Two choices, either lock the engine at tdc [there is a hole in the engine case which takes a pointed bolt that can be used to lock at TDC] or clamp a set of mole grips onto the flywheel and use something to extend it, I use a bicycle seat post. Before you take the flywheel off then crack the three 6mm allen bolts inside the flywheel so they freely move. Undo the centre bolt and take it out. Wind an M16 fine-pitch bolt into the flywheel until it goes tight, then gently tap it up and down until the wheel frees and you can take it off [one of the sump plugs can be used to do this but BE CAREFUL - it's easy to damage them.]

With the flywheel off wind the three inner bolts out a bit and give them a tap to free the sprag and its holder. take the sprag out and you will see it either has a broken spring or one with middle aged spread and it sags. Stick an elastic band over it to stop the teeth from dropping out then take the garter spring off. Find the join and pull it apart. It can then be trimmed shorter and twisted back together. if you manage this then I would strip out a piece of copper wire and just put as short piece through the join and twist together to strengthen it. Stick the flywheel back together making sure you get the clutch the right way round and seated tight then put the drive gear into the back to test your handiwork. It should only turn one way, anticlockwise, and it should lock clockwise which is the drive direction.

All the flywheel bolts need threadlock.

It does involve kneeling on the floor though. The key point is that the garter spring can usually be repaired rather than replaced
Up Topic C1 Information / Repairs - Faults & Fixes / Sprag Clutch and Spring Replacement

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