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- - By Steamerpoint Date 05.11.20 00:16 Edited 05.11.20 00:22
Hi, sorting out the garage today and stumbled upon the C1. I knew I had one somewhere! She looked okay when I pulled the sheet off, but noticed bits of foam by the stand! Grabbed the keys and lifted the seat to see that mice had been chewing on the engine noise reduction kit! One piece was virtually gone completely.

Being OCD, my initial thought was "Oh no, I need to find some replacements", but hang on, do I really?

There were rumours that the noise reduction kits lead to overheating of the engine and corrosion through retaining moisture!

What is the current view? Are people taking them out or leaving them in and if the latter, has anyone got an old l kit they are willing to sell?

Bike still looks good after all these years. Tempted to get her back on the road again!
Parent - - By alunt Date 05.11.20 15:54
Good to see a name from the past! I copied your top box paint many years ago, so mine looked the same as yours. I sold it last week after 18 years of ownership.
I found that the foam in the housing in, around and under the alternator held water and caused corrosion. I just removed it and put the covers back to keep the original look. The rest of it didn't cause problems or over heating, so I just left it in place. I'm not convinced it reduces the noise much though. I've ridden plenty of C1s without noise reduction and not noticed a difference.
I've still got some bits of the noise reduction kit lying about somewhere, I got it from a write-off I stripped a few years ago. You can have them for the cost of p&p
Parent - - By Steamerpoint Date 05.11.20 16:49
Hi Andrew, yes I remember your silver top box. They do look good with colour coded PDB's.
I just can't part with my C1 despite it's lack of use. Now I have retired, I am toying with the idea of getting it back on the road again. My parehts have today completed on a house in Bourne, which is just 30 minutes north from here, but the road can get very congested during peak periods, so the C1 could be handy again!

I'll take some photos of my half eaten foam bits and if you have the bits I need, I'll give you something for them. :)
Parent - - By Gerard Date 06.11.20 10:26
Hi Chris

It is not too expensive to get it on the road, tax is £44, they now qualify for classic insurance and you will need an MOT.  Even though it is in the garage,  lack of use will cause more deterioration then the occasional run out.

I can't see them ever being worth much money either. I hadn't check prices for years, but recently had a look and they are not selling for much at all, so you are not preserving an investment  .
Parent - - By Steamerpoint Date 06.11.20 11:09
Hi Gerard. Surely you can't still have your C1? If so does the stand still have any legs the number of times I have followed the trail of sparks?! Lol

I've not been preserving an asset, I just couldn't justify putting it back on the road since I finished commuting to Pearl each day.

Equally, I couldn't part with it, despite literally hundreds of prompts to do so over the years.

Interesting to learn it is classed as a vintage bike now.

I did an insurance quote last week. About £88 as I no longer have any NCD, but still not much.

I have a front brake hose to change (I bought a spare) as the original perished and split, a new battery to purchase and probably need to drain and clean the fuel tank as the fuel has been inside must be 10-years old by now.
Probably should give it an oil change to be safe, despite little mileage since the last oil change.

From memory, it has less than 10k miles on it, so I'm hoping it could be pressed back into use  again as long as it hasn't perished too much with time.
Parent - - By Gerard Date 06.11.20 11:31

My insurance was £108, with no NCD. That is because I park on the drive rather than in the garage, which also meant my classic insurance would not cover it because it required it to be in the garage.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised that it will probably fire up pretty easily. I am getting the dreaded blue plug issue on my yellow one, but I think dash off and a bit of a reseat will sort it.

You may consider changing the belt as well, even if it is low mileage.

See you for a run one day!
Parent - - By Steamerpoint Date 06.11.20 14:31
Not sure where to get classic insurance. I just went to a price comparison website.

Where is the easiest point to drain down the tank without removing all the panels?

Blue plug is a corrosion issue of the dash from memory! Not helped by parking the bike in all weathers I suspect. As you say, perhaps by removing it and putting it back any corrosion on the pins will be disturbed and it will be okay again.

Where can new belts be purchased these days? I don't suspect BMW will still be selling new parts?

Andrew, please see below the two mouse eaten foam bits.

I can't see any more foam bits around the engine, so doesn't look like I had the full noise reduction kit fitted, unless Wollerstons forgot to put it all back when they checked the valve clearances!
Parent - - By p.gill Date 06.11.20 16:08
Recently bought a set of belts from BMW at £160 or so for a pair, it’s surprising what BMW stock, as there still seem to be a lot of C1s on the road in Europe, over 13,000 left in Germany alone!
Parent - - By Gerard Date 06.11.20 16:42

£160 for 2?  Is that a typo? Please tell me that is a typo!
Parent - - By p.gill Date 06.11.20 17:12
Hi Gerard
Yes £160 for two, these went on my 500 miler, the original chrome clips had rusted being left for so long in a barn!
Parent - By Gerard Date 06.11.20 21:46
Hi Paul

Ok, I misunderstood. I thought you paid £160 for two drive belts..
Parent - - By Steamerpoint Date 06.11.20 16:48
That's still a lot around.

I seem to remember that BMW only sold around 3000 in the UK with the majority going to London.
Parent - - By p.gill Date 06.11.20 17:15
1,039 were sold in the UK, about 35,000 were made, approx 30% were 200s.
Parent - - By Steamerpoint Date 09.11.20 23:40
Okay. Is there a feeling about how many are still about in the UK?

We don't see many in the East Midlands.
Parent - - By p.gill Date 10.11.20 06:36 Edited 10.11.20 06:50
According to the ‘how many are left’ website,
Licensed 163
Sorn.      391

Licensed 71
Sorn       133

Well that’s adds up to 748, that’s not a bad survival rate!
Parent - - By Gerard Date 10.11.20 08:49
I think the numbers will in reality be less.

One of my sorn 200's is actually scrapped, but I haven't yet done the notification and I suspect there will be more in that situation.

For some reason I thought there would be more of them, but only 204 200's with only 71 on the road is not much.
Parent - By Steamerpoint Date 10.11.20 20:45
Less than 71 of the 200's on the road and 748 left in the UK!!!!!!!

Getting another 23 lined up again is going to be a near impossibility!
Parent - - By alunt Date 10.11.20 11:12
I haven't forgotten the sound deadening pads Chris. I found one rough looking one, but I think I've got a bag of bits somewhere. I'll keep looking.

There is one more piece around the engine which is visible under the seat hinge.
Parent - By Steamerpoint Date 10.11.20 20:35
Thanks Andrew. If you can't find any, I guess I could repair and repaint these.

The front one under the seat hinge is still in place and untouched, thankfully.
Parent - - By BOR Date 06.11.20 13:13
I don't like the noise reduction foam.

As soon as the waterproof outer coating is damaged, the foam soaks up water, and the surrounding parts are then permanently damp.

I would not replace.

The sound reduction is not that great and not worth the corrosion risk.
Parent - By Steamerpoint Date 10.11.20 20:49
Understand. Luckily I can't see any corrosion just yet, but I guess they were still water resistant until the mice got tucked in.
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