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- - By Bertone Date 14.06.20 12:44
I have the opportunity to buy and try to restore a 125cc C1 with a seized engine (will not turn) due to lack of lubrication.

I have some basic mechanical knowledge, I successfully repaired the water pump and put a new timing chain in my C1 some years ago, but never had experience with pistons and engine block...he,he...

Now to my question:
I assume that the piston and engine block needs to be repaired. Is this a fair assumption or do you think more parts need to be repaired?
Obviously without dismanteling the engine it is hard to get the full picture, but what are the most likely parts to be repaired?

I've seen on BMWtis online that a new piston at the BMW dealer is around 120 eur...not sure if true, and an engine block is around 400 EUR.
Also I've googled that rectifying the cylinder block is around 70 EUR at a local shop, so I would go for this solution.

Can I just put in a new OEM piston and mew rings, in the rectified cylinder (with bigger diameter now) or does the piston need to be modified as well?

Thanks for your help!
Parent - By rockstedy Date 14.06.20 14:50
Very ambitious but currently  it will be cheaper to get whole used working engine and keep seized for spare parts.
Parent - By alunt Date 15.06.20 07:34
You will also need to take out the crank and sort out the conrod to crank bearing. Even if it seems to be rotating when cold you may find it seizes whenever you start the engine. I've got a spare parts engine which was doing exactly this. The repair requires a press to get it apart, then you have to source the parts, so in the end I found it cheaper to buy a write off with a good engine.
- By Bertone Date 14.06.20 16:56
Here in Spain a secondhand engine is 600 to 900 EUR. So i guess repair of the engine should be less.
Up Topic C1 Information / Repairs - Faults & Fixes / How to repair a seized engine?

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