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- - By aware Date 05.06.20 16:42
Tire Balancing

Is it necessary?
I have changed numerous tires and never balanced them without any noticeable issues.
Now I have a tire that on two different rims wobbles when I hold the handlebar with one hand AND generally doesn't feel stiff and tight.
However, as soon as I replaced the whole wheel (swapping) I immediately felt improvement.
All these lead me to believe that this particular FRONT tire is just very unbalanced!

What do you think?
Thank you
Parent - By rockstedy Date 05.06.20 20:52
Been told in one garage that there is no need to balance rear in C1 but front can be as precaution. Certainly prefer to change tyres  in place were both can be checked on machine and adjusted when necessary.
Parent - By alunt Date 15.06.20 07:40
I always have them balanced when they're fitted, it costs very little extra and eliminates the thought that this could be the cause every time you feel a vibration. Wheel weights are nearly always required, so the balancing has a benefit.
Up Topic C1 Information / Repairs - Faults & Fixes / Tire Balancing

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