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Up Topic C1 Information / Repairs - Faults & Fixes / Oil strainer faut pas!!
- - By Spud Im Irish Date 17.05.20 16:54
Like an idiot put the oil strainer in the wrong hole. As it’s made of Alu can’t use magnet to try to remove.
I’ve seen other posts from many years ago about it- some saying should just sit at bottom of sump.
With passing of time does anyone know if it can be swept out and damage something important or can I leave it where it is?
Parent - By aware Date 17.05.20 17:51
Mine was put wrongly due to alternative sump plug.
At the end, it eventually was swept out and stuck at the water pump sprocket.
Sprocket broke. Water pump stopped working. Temp light came on.
I am really lucky that it didn't burn the head gasket.
Parent - - By p.gill Date 17.05.20 19:06 Edited 17.05.20 19:11
Hi Dave
Just been to check a spare strainer and it is magnetic, but not strong, if you can get it out all the better, if not all is not lost having refreshed my mind by looking at an engine I have in bits there is no direct access for the strainer to come into contact with the gears etc. It would have to jump up about 40mm to pass through either aperture into the gear compartment. The photos should help!

Looking at the first photo you can see white kitchen towel behind showing the aperture into the gear side.
Attachment: D4A441CE-BCB0-437E-97A8-4E8E8E32841A.jpeg - This is the sump side (95k)
Attachment: 1293E8A2-129E-4D76-8A4C-43F0B3590BEF.jpeg - Gear side (118k)
Attachment: 30837099-CA70-4829-A3AE-1BDDA245D5A2.jpeg - Sump side strainer plug is underneath the square plate (109k)
Parent - - By Spud Im Irish Date 17.05.20 19:40
Thanks so much for that- that was a lot of effort- many thanks.
The only place I can see it coming through is those 2 holes below the oil pump.
I can’t remember if they are covered by anything when pump removed.
Have water pump repair kit on way from bob- so might try a bit of fishing too :)
Thanks again
Parent - By p.gill Date 17.05.20 19:54
Those two holes below you refer to below the pump are the ones you can see from the sump side, the bottom of the sump Is 40mm Below these holes, I’ll have a think and play with the engine halves to see how to remove the gauze.
Parent - By patc50 Date 18.05.20 14:58
Hi David - would it be possible to get one of the little inspection cameras in the sump hole?  If so, you could locate the strainer and fashion a piece of wire to hook it out.  Might that be possible?

Parent - - By aware Date 17.05.20 20:13
Guys! Has happened to me! It's serious!!!
Parent - - By p.gill Date 18.05.20 16:02
Have put a video on Facebook bmw C1 UK owners group that might help you to extract it!
Parent - - By Spud Im Irish Date 18.05.20 20:45
Thanks a mill for that- will get my son to show me that- I’ve avoided FB so far!! ????
Job for the weekend!!
Thanks again
Parent - By Spud Im Irish Date 23.05.20 17:54 Edited 23.05.20 18:36
Well- had some good fishing there!
Thanks Paul & Pat- was actually very easy once I removed the oil pump!- even paused for a photo op!!
Attachment: 950AE8CD-C5CD-4048-AA63-EC21ABD555A8.jpeg - Oil strainer (29k)
Up Topic C1 Information / Repairs - Faults & Fixes / Oil strainer faut pas!!

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