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- - By andrew parry Date 30.01.20 15:46
For ages now I have had a rattling/chattering noise but only when when I take a right hand corner.  Quite loud and annoying but it was impossible to tell exactly where it was coming from.  I suspected loose baffles in the silencer and replaced it with one off Ebay  but the problem persisted.
When having some paintwork done recently the paint technician (at Fisher Restorations) suggested I examine the rear brake caliper but first of all to check by applying the rear brake gently when I hear the noise.
Did this and discovered the rattling did indeed ease off.
I have now had the caliper apart and found that the hole that the brake pad pin seats in at the far end has worn completely oval.  This means that even with the (brand new) pin fully inserted and retaining clip fitted, the end of the pin is slopping around, allowing the pads to rattle about against the disc.  I should have taken a photo to add to this post.
Being the tight-fisted soul that I am, rather than buy a replacement caliper from BMW, I have taken the caliper to our local engineering shop.  They will try to insert a sleeve into the worn hole then drill out to the correct size.  Failing that, apply some weld and re-drill.
I look forward to being able to report that I am now rattle free!
Parent - - By BOR Date 05.02.20 16:15
This has been reported before on the forum.

It is a really horrible system compared to a threaded hole.

Possibly a nut and bolt could be done up tight enough to stay in position.
Parent - By aware Date 05.02.20 16:40
I had a similar noise that was going off when I was applying the rear brake.
I stuck some kind of insert that lifts a bit the caliper and the noise stopped.
Parent - - By andrew parry Date 05.02.20 19:11
I note that the replacement pins are threaded.  Rybrook BMW could not even get a non-threaded pin so I had to order from Germany.
I did check the forum for posts but could not find any.  Perhaps we need a distillation of all the known problems and various ways of fixing them.
Parent - - By andrew parry Date 30.03.20 16:48
Update.    Arghhhhh.  Still got the rattle!  At least I now have fully refurbed caliper and new pads.
Parent - By alunt Date 31.03.20 20:58
Did you find a refurb kit for the piston seal etc as well?
Up Topic C1 Information / Repairs - Faults & Fixes / Rattling/chattering noise finally located.

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