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- - By stevo2401 Date 30.11.19 22:03
hi all,i  have a c1 that i have been trying to fix for years and years and i have decided to have another, what is my best option here cant start her as i cant get passed the immobilizer as had a second hand key and barrel of ebay as i lost the original key fob and key.
Parent - - By rockstedy Date 01.12.19 01:07
Remove immobiliser, ideally get spare key or try to plug spare barrel from eBay and with all precautions for not used bike for long time try to start engine.
Parent - - By stevo2401 Date 04.12.19 12:11
hey rocksteady, im going to have a go at the immoboliser soon but what can you recommend to do with the engine? empaty oil, fuilds, new battery, filter air and oil? anything else? best regards stephen
Parent - By rockstedy Date 04.12.19 12:46
There is some info on forum how to safely start unknown not used engine.Mainly check/replace battery air filter, ideally petrol filter as well.
Remove spark plug inject about 5ml engine oil into cylinder ( let it work for couple days), dump engine oil, replace with new, spin engine without spark plug. Check coolant level, top up if necessary ( can be replaced at this point- don’t forget about vent screw at top of cylinder head) fit spark plug back and give it a go. If starts run briefly for while until warms up and then dump engine oil. Replace oil filter, gearbox oil and coolant if not done previously. This way risk of causing any harm to engine is close to 0
Up Topic Chat Forums / C1 Chat UK / C1 125 help been sat for 10 years in the gararge

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