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- - By p.gill Date 29.11.19 15:16
Hi C1ers
As we all know the Hoops have  long been considered by many to be the best tyre for the C1 , but are no longer available!
So I asked my very good friend Herm to see what was the consensus is on the German forum as to the next best tyre choice, there are estimated to be about 13,000 C1s in Germany, so its a much bigger pool of opinion!
Michelin & Heidenau appear to be the favourites with Metzeler coming in third.
Parent - By alunt Date 01.12.19 19:25
I’ve tried Bridgestone Battlax tyres on the fronts of 2 C1 s and found them to be good. They were described to me as the next development of the Hoops and I would say that’s reflected in their performance. I haven’t tried them on the rear yet.
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