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- - By mellingford Date 22.11.19 12:31
Hi All.Working on putting new water pump in,so fitted new pump had lower part of engine nearly put back together,f#',. sake noticed pump water seal spacer on floor,dismantle again destroyed new seals getting them out,do not  known how important this spacer is not shown in manual schematic of pump,but was in old seals on pump,as i had everything but seals, ordered cheap pump kit on ebay.According to manual there is a tool to get seals out dont know how successful it would be,still think they would be unusable after getting them out,ho well back to the drawing board Cheers
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Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 22.11.19 13:23
Ah shame.
I've changed my post to include a reminder about the spacer.
Parent - By aware Date 22.11.19 15:55
You can buy the seals by the dozen on ebay.
I have done so in the past.
Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 26.11.19 12:22
oh-roughly.....the spacer is used to keep a gap between the seals.
This gap is where you find the failure leak hole.
If there is no gap, you would not get the indication of seal failure, and the oil and water would just pour out of the hole if the two seals edged closer together, or mix together.
Worth putting it in!
Parent - By mellingford Date 26.11.19 14:58
Hi All.Thanks for reply guys,was tempted to look up No for pump seals,but as the kit wasn't to expensive and will have spare pump propeller just went for warned any kit from ebay does not come with pump body seals,i had make your own seal kit but it is hard getting the right size cord.cheers
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