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- - By p.gill Date 07.11.19 14:40
Hi C1ers
Have arrived safe and sound, Looking forward to meeting any forum members over the next three days
Parent - By HelmetHair Date 07.11.19 15:02 little mudguard now showing...
Parent - By patc50 Date 07.11.19 18:12
Looking good Paul, see you on Saturday or Sunday - will let you know which one. Oh, I see you have the sunroof open!  Cheers. Pat
Parent - - By Gerard Date 07.11.19 19:56
I didn't know they made C1s that clean.

Enjoy the show, would have loved to have been able to visit.
Parent - - By p.gill Date 12.11.19 15:01
It was great to see Pat and Andrew at the show & meeting Jaye showing her 200 Williams.
Met a lot of interesting people, particularly one chap who worked for BMW and oversaw the importation of the C1 through the port of Newcastle, he authorised a lot of C1s to be repainted to try and help boost flagging sales, I can remember test riding a green C1, and the local Hein Gericke shop had a light blue one,
But more importantly the topic moved to the document case, which I am lucky enough to have, but this chap has one that were made for the press photos, a more rounded case, ribbed, and the C1 logo embossed on both faces, these were not available to the public!
Had a great time talking C1 to many ex owners and prospective new owners.
Parent - By p.gill Date 09.12.19 20:13 Edited 09.12.19 20:19
Just seen my C1 on the telly at the NEC in Junk & Disorderly! Three times in fact, blink and you might miss all sightings!!!
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