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- - By mellingford Date 06.11.19 16:43
Hi all looking through for an unrelated topic and came across article about socket at rear of seat to plug in software update,most bikes scooters had CPU in them from 70s onwards,but they were usually for spark timing replacing points, few if any had socket you can plug into for software updates or fault codes.There is a rumour in local scooter club that some of the new scooters ie Royal Alloy and such like,especially the 125s can be re- mapped,so with the C1 having socket to engine management system are we to conclude that the C1 can be re- mapped? Cheers
Parent - - By p.gill Date 06.11.19 18:54 Edited 06.11.19 18:58
To my knowledge there is no one offering a remap, speaking to our German & Dutch friends BMW did their own work on the Aprilia engine and got the maximum out of the unit.  The only extra I can recommend is the Malossi variator, quicker off the mark and a little extra on the top end, a visit to a rolling road may get a little more out of the variator, ie altering the weights.
There were several engine software versions, the ultimate is version 8000, well worth checking as to what your version is, and get it updated.
Parent - - By aware Date 06.11.19 18:58
The Malossi variator is indeed a bit more sparky.
Parent - By rockstedy Date 06.11.19 21:09
Even better with dr Pulley rollers.
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