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- - By mellingford Date 05.11.19 14:27
Hi all,still in the process of putting c1 175cc engine back together,new water pump,but did not come with sealing rings for water pump shaft housing,is there a generic o-ring that can be used,seem to be weird sizes,i am reading,one 36.14mm other 34.76mm,unless they are imperial,got the old zeus book out,but can't get an exact size,or is it bite the bullet and order them from BMW takes ages.Cheers
Parent - - By rockstedy Date 05.11.19 17:36
Worth to drop email if Orings can be purchased separately or just go for whole unit:
Parent - By mellingford Date 06.11.19 13:51
Thank you for quick reply,that will teach me to double check generic parts,am sure i will find something to replace sealing rings.Cheers
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