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- - By JohnM123456 Date 26.10.19 13:10
I’m based in London and am looking for a C1 for my better half.  Therefore it needs to be in good condition and have ABS.
She rides pillion on mine so is getting used to being stared at :-)
Parent - - By V2k Date 27.10.19 17:24 Edited 27.10.19 17:31
you need look no further than Mad Accountants C1,save your money from buying just someones second hand C1 and keep it for Phils bike,you wont regret it I promise.Its for sale and properly  mint with abs and  and completely unmolested and has full service history.He doesn't bother advertising on the forum as too many messers,but is placed elsewhere.
Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 27.10.19 17:43 Edited 27.10.19 17:53
Not on Autotrader
Not on gumtree
Not on eBay
Not on here
Not on large conglomeration site.

Glad I’m not looking to buy it!
Parent - - By V2k Date 27.10.19 20:36
He is away at moment Stuart, so may not have got round to doing it then,just trying to match someone who wants a good genuine bike with no hidden faults to a person who has one..:-)
Parent - By HelmetHair Date 27.10.19 21:16
Ah no problem Al. Just wondering where it would be!

And I would also second that any bike from MadAcc will be precisely as described.

He is indeed a purveyor of fine motor vehicles.
Parent - - By JohnM123456 Date 27.10.19 22:35
Thank you for the double recommendation. It sounds ideal. Do you have any contact details for MadAcc?
Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 28.10.19 08:13 Edited 28.10.19 10:05
His number edited out.
Contact via V2k..
Parent - By V2k Date 28.10.19 09:27
My good friend Phil is away on a/leave at moment,if you require anything just message me privately on the forum please and I will bring you up to speed etc..:-)
Parent - By HelmetHair Date 28.10.19 10:15
Also, while it is a hot topic, I would say not to rule out non-ABS bikes. I've said it before on here-I'd rather have a good non-ABS bike than an average ABS one.
I also see lots of bikes being broken, where the ABS has failed. Much more that the non-ABS ones which I suggest means there is less to go wrong.

For the record, I have no link to the sale of Phil's bikes, I am just confirming that he is a trusted seller.
Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 27.10.19 21:17
Has that 8,000 mile one sold? It looked very interesting.
Parent - - By V2k Date 28.10.19 09:32
He still has both and has, I think just or is about to have when he gets back from NZ in early Dec  a fully stamped up bmw dealer service carried out prior to sale so that they will be spot on,well you know what Phil is like.
Parent - By JohnM123456 Date 28.10.19 15:10
It’s good to have an impartial recommendation. Thank you.
Al, I shall pm you my contact details to pass to Phil.
- By Londonboy1957 Date 18.03.22 08:43
Hi I’m looking for a C1 in very good condition
As seem to have caught the C1 bug.
Would prefer one that’s been maintained and cared for as I would do the same
Many thanks
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