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- - By p.gill Date 13.10.19 20:29
Hello C1ers
I guess like most of you I view the forum on my iPad and up to last weekend very happily ie always logged in!
Last weekend the iPad needed to be updated to 13.1.2 since then every visit to the forum I need to log in, in doing so there is no indication of new posts with the little blue numbers, so irritating !!!!!
The message I get is ‘login session timed out, is invalid or belongs to someone else. You can avoid this problem by allowing this website to set cookies’
In settings then safari block all cookies is unticked,
Is the problem me, the website or the iPad?
Can anyone offer any help
Parent - By Gerard Date 13.10.19 21:12

I am on the latest IOS on my IPad and have not had problems, so it may be a setting on yours. You could try removing the web site data for  the forum under Safari > advanced and logging in fresh. 
Parent - - By Gerard Date 13.10.19 21:17
In the work environment when encountering problems like this I always start by getting the person to delete all offline content. The problem is on your iPad you would loose a lot of perhaps useful cookies and form information, so you would need to think before doing that.
Parent - - By p.gill Date 15.10.19 06:12
Hi Gerard
Thanks for your reply, I deleted all off line content, but to no effect, I think I need to speak to the neighbours 10 year old son!
It may well be something in the update that the forum site doesn’t like, so for the minute I’ll have to put up with it!
Parent - - By p.gill Date 21.11.19 07:46
Think I’ve sorted the problem!
When looking on safari, there is a private button, so when looking at sites in ‘private’ ,it resets itself, whereas ‘not in private’ once logged on you remain logged on!
Simple when you know how!
Parent - By HelmetHair Date 21.11.19 09:43
Ah well done. :)
Up Topic Chat Forums / C1 Chat UK / C1 Forum website!!!!

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