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- - By patc50 Date 17.09.19 10:10
Looking at the UK BMW C1 Facebook page I see there is a guy on there who has 3D printed a phone holder for his C1 - he has also posted some pictures.  He has generously shared the 3D printing files which I have downloaded and am happy to pass on to anyone that can't access the Facebook page, (I don't have a 3 D printer).  3D printers but are becoming increasingly common, and cheaper, so perhaps one day we may see C1 panels being produced by 3D printing.
Parent - - By 1ukeinlondon Date 01.10.19 14:30
Thanks Pat, I just tried a car auction phone holder on top of the handlebar mount and the phone flung out. Would be interested in purchasing one if that's an option? Do you have pics? Maybe someone in here has a printer
Parent - - By patc50 Date 02.10.19 09:21
I haven't got any photos I'm afraid but I did download the 3D printer files, those used to do the actual printing.  I don't have a 3D printer ...... anyone?

Parent - By 1ukeinlondon Date 04.10.19 12:07 Edited 04.10.19 16:13
I see a C1 on eBay which is rocking one. I messaged him

"New message from: bmw-m-pow3r (443Turquoise Star)
Hi, I designed and 3d printed the phone holder myseld so it's unlikely you would be able to buy one from anywhere... The files will be available on thingiverse soon if you wanted to have your own printed."
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