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- - By p.gill Date 15.09.19 13:57
Hi C1ers
After attending several C1 Treffens, I have always been slightly jealous of the C1s fitted with these mudguards.
It is with thanks to my friends Herm & Wilfried that found me a second hand one,  now painted in Alpine white
And finally fitted to my bike.
Wunderlich is a company specialising in after market accessories, they had these mudguards custom made,
but no longer available.
Parent - By alunt Date 15.09.19 17:44
Very smart Paul! Should protect the vulnerable electrics at the front of the bike. I won’t forget the smile on your face when you got that mudguard!
Parent - - By patc50 Date 16.09.19 08:48
Hi Paul, that looks very nice indeed. Certainly worth a trip to Germany!
Parent - By p.gill Date 26.02.20 18:49
I’ve had word from my good friend Herm, he has started to remake these mudguards, I recently had one off him for my 500 miler, which fits a treat, it comes unpainted, complete with a fitting kit, using stainless fasteners, the cost is 200 € plus 18 € postage, they are made to order.
Contact me for his email
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