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- - By The green mole Date 23.12.18 19:38
On my usual commute my C1 ( 125 Exec 08/2000) suddenly made a horrendous grinding noise and lost all power. It freewheeled but will not start.
I have removed the belt and tried turning the variation to see if it moved freely - it doesn't. Based on the fact it may be seized I will need to take out the engine. The question is, will it be better / more cost effective to rebuild it (does anyone on the forum offer this) -or buy another C1.
Guidance greatly appreciated.
Parent - - By aware Date 23.12.18 20:52
Really sad to hear so. It all has to do with the level of damage.
A quick suspicion is chain snapped and this also may have involved valves hitting the piston.
If you are able to open the engine then you can make a safer estimate.
It also has to do with mileage, is this an old engine? How many miles?
Parent - By The green mole Date 23.12.18 21:54
A quick look under the cam cover suggests the chain is not snapped - but as you say lets see what things look like when the engine is out ........
Mileage is 23,000 - regularly serviced during the 10 years of my ownership
Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 23.12.18 21:17
Will not be cost effective to use a mechanic to rebuild, IF it has mashed the piston and valves. Which it sounds like it has
Best bet is to buy another, unless you can do it yourself? Sell off old one or keep for spares

Is yours a black one and based in Bognor, by any chance?
Parent - - By The green mole Date 23.12.18 21:57
Yes - a black exec based near Bognor ........
Have started looking at others for sale.
Keeping the current one for spares may be dictated by space - and  selling it dependent on whether it has much value with a mullered engine 
Parent - - By aware Date 24.12.18 06:20
Next candidate chain jumped some teeth and valves hit piston.
What was your driving style? Acceleration/top speed.
Did you hear any abnormal noises during last miles driven?
Parent - - By The green mole Date 24.12.18 08:27
That is a possibility.
Driving style at the time - was just accelerating out of a bend at around 25 -30 mph
No abnormal noises recently
Parent - By leonm Date 24.12.18 08:45
before writing off the engine, determine whether crank or cam bearings are binding. if the latter, you can probably do an economical fix.
Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 24.12.18 11:17
As Aware says, likely that the chain jumped a tooth. If you rebuild replace the tensioner and check the back of the cam wheel to see if the "key" has slipped. Can be looked at insitu I think-use a mirror to see back side.

If you need new valves the rebuild cost at BMW would be £1800+ I'd guess. A local garage £1200 at best.
Are you taking the engine out yourself?
Parent - - By The green mole Date 24.12.18 12:04
Thanks for the inputs - and likely costs ( which as suggested would make a garage rebuild prohibitive cost wise)
I am in the course of taking out the engine currently - to allow better assessment
Parent - - By rockstedy Date 25.12.18 18:02
Not so long time ago there was offered conpletely rebuild engine for less than £1000 on eBay- may be worth contact seller if still available or get estimate for repair yours.
Parent - - By The green mole Date 26.12.18 17:26
Rocksteady - thanks for the pointer - will explore that option
Parent - By HelmetHair Date 26.12.18 20:30
Whole bike for £1000
Not mine!!
Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 06.01.19 11:52
How's it going with the engine stripdown?
I might have a spare engine coming my way soon so let me know if that's any interest.
Parent - - By The green mole Date 06.01.19 20:44
Following the various messages and offers of help from several on the forum, the bike now has a replacement engine - and back in service.
Thanks to all who have contacted and given guidance / offers - especially Andrew and Paul.
Once Paul has dissected the engine, further info on the cause will be available / posted ( at this stage the only thing to confirm is that the chain hasn't snapped .......)
Parent - By Mad_Accountant Date 07.01.19 07:20
Well done. How hard was it to remove the engine and refit?

I am about to recommission my breaker, the most important thing to do is disconnect or remove the alarm. Do you know how to do that?
Parent - - By p.gill Date 07.01.19 09:48
Have taken Andys engine apart and it slightly terminal! as the the photos show the piston has parted from the con rod and made a bit of a mess!
To answer MAs question there is no need to disconnect the alarm when replacing an engine, so long as the alarm is left in the state such that it is on but the motion sensor is deactivated, it wont go off!
Parent - - By aware Date 07.01.19 09:58
Valves hit piston?
Parent - - By p.gill Date 07.01.19 10:00
Oh yes!!
Parent - - By aware Date 07.01.19 10:27
So chain presumably jumped some 2-3 teeth.
Hmmm, was ever tensioner checked in reagrds with depth?
Parent - By p.gill Date 07.01.19 16:06
the tensioner pulled out very easily from its housing, ie. not stuck in the back position, maybe a loss of oil pressure?
The chain wheels on the cams were in good condition, however the sudden stop has damaged the pin location in the cam!
Parent - By The green mole Date 07.01.19 19:29
That seems to cover the "horrendous grinding noise" in the original post !
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 07.01.19 19:46
It’s nothing to do with engine removal, I want the alarm removed if possible or disconnected if not.
Parent - - By aware Date 07.01.19 20:27
Really bad outcome. At least 1200 GBP for parts only as I see it.
Very difficult to assess what may have happened to a rather young engine.
I suspect the chain had lengthened enough and in essense the tensioner was working tightly to do its job.
If the bike was historically riden full throttle (high revs) then this may be associated with stretching of the chain. Maybe...
It would be very interesting to know
1. How long is the chain now
2. Is it the chain a brown DID, silver DID, or original M
3. If, ever, the depth of tensioner was measured and how much it was
Parent - - By p.gill Date 07.01.19 20:58
What’s the difference between a brown & silver DID chain, I am not  ‘aware’ there is a choice!
To MA apologies I thought you were talking about engine removal, unfortunately I do not know how to disconnect the alarm.
Parent - - By aware Date 07.01.19 21:07 Edited 07.01.19 21:21
On the italian or french forum someone was unfortunate enough to install a DID chain that was found upon examination having a brown tint instead of the silver of the correct DID chain and original M one... Wrong part number in other words but correct dimensions.
I will try to locate any picture if I can and come back.
But please answer the questions if possible, they bug me like hell!!!!
Parent - By aware Date 07.01.19 21:20

you will need translation (chrome has embedded)
Up Topic C1 Information / Repairs - Faults & Fixes / Seized engine / next steps ?

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