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- - By rockstedy Date 20.12.18 11:53 Edited 20.12.18 13:44
It sounds like bike had weak battery when starting on couple occasions. One day didn’t spin, flattened battery when tried. No luck with different good- fully charged battery either. New starter motor fitted and now doesn’t start from touch of a button- is one way clutch which need to replace next or starter relay?
Parent - - By alunt Date 20.12.18 19:45
I think it’s the starter motor causing that. I have a reconditioned starter motor in one C1 and it has always sounded like that when it starts. It’s been doing it for years and never got any worse. Where did you get your starter motor from?
Parent - By p.gill Date 20.12.18 20:33
If a new starter has been fitted, it sounds very similar to the problem I had, where the motor only has two brushes, instead of four in the original, ended up refurbishing my old motor, problem solved!
Have since found a source of original brushes.
Parent - - By rockstedy Date 20.12.18 22:04
There is one I used. Not sure if this has 2 or 4:
Parent - By p.gill Date 21.12.18 07:01
Not sure about the one you have shown, the one I bought came off eBay for £40, this motor I fitted to a rebuilt 200 engine, with new rings and freshly lapped in valves and it wouldn’t turn it over, it might’ve turn it over once and that was it!
Presumably 2 brushes means half the torque, I took mine apart to discover it only had two brushes, I don’t know if you can tell without dismantling.
Parent - By patc50 Date 21.12.18 12:49
If you bought the starter motor from Guido at the C1Teile Shop then it 'should' be the correct one.  Guido is very reliable.

Parent - - By leonm Date 21.12.18 16:31
during starting, the starter draws probably in excess of 50amps (a guess) and a bad connection(not measurable with a multimeter) anywhere in the starter circuit will result in a couple of volts drop. bad connections can occur at chassis earths, battery terminals, bad lugs, starter solenoid terminals or internal solenoid terminals or even oily starter brushes.
    connect an analog  dc voltmeter direct to starter terminal and body of starter. look at voltage during starting period. if voltage temporarily dips to about 9v or below, repeat test with meter probes direct on battery terminal (not lugs). if similar, you have a battery with high internal resistance or it is not properly charged. if battery volts remain above about 10.5V, repeat test on battery terminals to check if terminal and lugs are ok. do a similar test on starter solenoid to check for voltage drop in solenoid and across the starter itself. also look at earthing lug at starter pedestal foot.
  this is really going back to first principles but it often yields results.
  forum member variobob at one time could supply the correct brushes for the four brush starter.
Parent - - By aware Date 21.12.18 18:40
Parent - - By leonm Date 22.12.18 11:19
commendable but perhaps not recommended?
nevertheless full marks for innovation
Parent - - By aware Date 22.12.18 11:43
Yes very important to be extremely careful with it.
Have used it when sprag clutch died in middle of nowhere and was a sweet experience after all.
Came back at home and felt like a hero coming back from war...
Parent - - By rockstedy Date 25.12.18 14:31
Thank you All for valuable response. It looks like may need to try some parts swap before get it
workig as should. Will update post  what was wrong this time as soon as gry it repaired.
Parent - - By rockstedy Date 08.01.19 21:24
After trying new and used good starter, other good battery, cleaning relay/main earth/ starter terminals TDC sensor plug wasn’t noticable improvement. It did however occasionally started without delay until now in 60% attempts  and when delayed in much shorter than on recorded movie. Plugging starter directly to battery didn’t help as well so fault must be inside engine which possibly may be found on next  strip down&timing chain replacement.
Parent - - By leonm Date 11.01.19 15:31
bad compression is another reason for poor starting.
squirt a teaspoonful of engine oil down plug hole, wait ten minutes and evaluate ease of starting.
will smoke for a few minutes
Parent - - By rockstedy Date 11.01.19 21:28
Will try. Engine was rebuild just 4000ml with new piston rings, timing kit etc.
Parent - - By leonm Date 13.01.19 19:24
were valves and seats re-cut and lapped at that time
are valve clearances within spec?
Parent - - By rockstedy Date 15.01.19 15:16
No- valve clearances however were spot on as whole top ( cylinder head&above) were taken from other noisy running engine which develop some material fault inside beyond economical repair.
Parent - - By aware Date 15.01.19 19:50
Interesting... what was the material fault please?
Parent - By rockstedy Date 15.01.19 20:49
Crankshaft. Don’t know more details as wasn’t asking just got all good parts in bargain price for future use.
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