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- - By Mad_Accountant Date 12.11.18 10:05
I’m looking for a perfect, mint condition 200

It must be totally unmodified, one or two owner with excellent provenance and very low mileage.

It must have ABS and ideally no heated grips or fun audio.

It’s a big ask I know but I’ll pay top money for a really good example.

What do you have hidden away ???

Parent - - By Daz Date 28.01.19 16:31
Hi Phil.
I have a lovely 200 in great condition, sitting in my shed for last year.
It is black with tan Leather and top box. I will send photos ASAP.
Amy queries just let me know. I live in Ireland by the way so might be a problem for you. It’s my third C1 and best I know live in the country and have no use for it.
Ticks all the boxes you are like ok’ing for.
Thanks Daragh
Parent - - By aware Date 28.01.19 16:50
Why not heated grips?
Parent - - By Daz Date 28.01.19 21:11
Sorry Phil it does have heated grips
Parent - - By Daz Date 30.01.19 12:36
Hi Phil. The bike has 9,500 miles and heated seats and grips are you still interested as I have somebody else interested.
Thanks Daragh
Parent - By Mad_Accountant Date 07.02.19 06:39
Hi Darag, apologies for the delayed reply.

I’m sorry but I cannot persue your bike, I cannot deal at this distance (I need to see the bike and check every aspect of its provenance).

Also I am not wishing to take on an imported bike. Good luck with your sale, FYI I paid £3,400 for my current graphite 200 Exec and would not hesitate to pay similar or more for the perfect bike. Yours sounds like it’s correctly priced.
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 07.02.19 06:42
Hi Aware,

Because they continually rot and fail. The standard grips last the life of the bike. They are ineffective anyway, the seat soon stops working. They are just not worth the trouble.
Parent - By alunt Date 07.02.19 14:39
You need Oxford grips. More than hot enough and long lasting. I fitted their Scooter grips to the latest bike, low power drain, but still warm enough.
Parent - By aware Date 08.02.19 07:52
Thanks for the reply!
Parent - - By DCW Date 04.04.19 16:27
I have a 200 Family Friend with I think ABS.
Bought it to get around a traffic problem from BMW Banstead.
When the road was clear, I put in my garage where it has remained ever since.
From memory it was just coming up to it's first inspection because it was at 590miles
Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 04.04.19 19:20
Sounds interesting.
If MadAccountant is after an exec/Williams and it is a family friend please send me a PM with your phone number and I'll call you.
Parent - By Mad_Accountant Date 08.04.19 01:23
Sorry for the late update, I can confirm I am no longer looking for a C1 200

Ride safe.
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