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- - By Filbert Date 11.11.18 18:22
Hi all,

Bit of desperation setting in now...

I posted a few weeks ago that my temp light came on. Checked coolant, head gasket, replaced sensor and replaced alloy pipe where there may have been a small leak under pressure. System has been drained so no air lock, etc.

Rode about 20 mins, the fan cut in and the light came back on again. (along with the oil light this time!). Aaarrgh.

The thermostat seems fine, according to the garage.

I have no idea where to go next...

Any suggestions?

Parent - - By aware Date 11.11.18 18:49
Time imho to start learning more about the engine and touch the issues yourself with the aid of the forum.
1) temp light on may mean head gasket blown (usually signs of air bubbles in expansion tank or white smoke at exhaust). How they evaluated the head gasket is OK? If they opened head (very improbable in my suspicion), then did they tighten back everything with correct torque?
It may mean that the radiator or pipes are blocked.
2) the oil light is another story even more imortant. It is ON when engine is running at idle or when engine is revving up? Or simply when engine is off (which is normal)?
You know, it always helps to check oil level too with dipstick not screwed in carter.
Parent - By Filbert Date 11.11.18 19:14

Re the oil light - haven't even looked into that yet. It may indeed be something as simple as topping up the oil - I was so pissed off with having spent hundreds of pounds and weeks of having no bike and having to take the train to work that I just dropped the bike back at the garage.

I will ask about how the head gasket was checked - thanks!
Parent - - By Butter Market Date 11.11.18 19:32
Have a look at the thermostatic valve, yourself. Stands to reason it’s goosed. 

I had the exact same problem, opened it up and realised it was knackered perished inside. Simple to replace and been fine since.
Parent - By Filbert Date 12.11.18 06:23
Thanks - will have a look
Parent - - By alunt Date 11.11.18 23:03
Is the radiator getting warm as the engine warms up? If not the thermostat has probably failed, quite a common fault which results in the temp light coming on. Also check that air has been bled out of the system through the bleed nipple on the head.
Oil light is possibly due to sensor failure, also common.
Parent - By Filbert Date 12.11.18 06:25

Yes, the radiator is getting warm, so I don’t think it’s the thermostat.
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