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- - By Nightman Date 10.11.18 12:42
Bit of a vague title but here's the problem.
Whilst riding home from work last night, I hit a slight pothole. Nothing too bad but enough for me to curse a bit. Just after I hit the hole I noticed the power go, the bike coasted a bit and then the oil light came on as the bike stopped. I tried to restart the bike but it just keeps turning over without any joy. Not even a hint of the engine 'catching'. I stopped after a while knowing I'd flatten the battery.
I checked to see if there was any sign of leads coming loose (plug etc). Nothing. It's almost as if I had no fuel. At all. The tank was only filled that morning so I know that's not the case. In the end I had to get roadside recovery to get me home and I guess, get the bike to a garage Monday morning.
The bike was serviced and MOT'd last month and been running fine before and after the service.
Has anyone had any similar experiences? Does anyone know if there's an obvious place I should be looking? If I can get the bike running myself with a simple fix I'll be a very happy bunny but I suspect this won't be the case.
The bike is a 125cc with the 'newish' engine I bought from Helmet a good few years back.
Parent - - By aware Date 10.11.18 12:55
Please make a video.
Quick thoughts have to do with loose battery terminals or loose earthing cable (screw on starter motor base)
Parent - - By Nightman Date 10.11.18 13:03
How do I attach a video to this post? I can't seem to see that option. I've made the video.
Attachment: IMG_5403_2_1.mp4 (568k)
Parent - - By aware Date 10.11.18 13:09 Edited 10.11.18 13:12
Upload to YouTube, google photos, or google drive or dropbox etc
Send us then the link
Parent - - By Nightman Date 10.11.18 13:19
Attached. Just had to scale it down a bit for downloading. As you can hear, it's trying, but failing. :)
Parent - - By aware Date 10.11.18 13:28
Check spark plug cable and cap.
You know how to check?
Parent - - By Nightman Date 10.11.18 13:45
Yeah, checked those. All seem nice and tight. Easy to see where it attaches to the plug but a right bugger to check the other end. From what I could see, it looked okay.
Parent - By aware Date 10.11.18 13:58
Check if you have a spark.
Start here
Parent - - By rockstedy Date 10.11.18 18:50
Does fuel pump starts with ignition? Please check/replace fuse no 4.
Parent - - By V2k Date 10.11.18 19:41
Try the injector wires under the seat for starters...
Parent - - By Clunkfish Date 11.11.18 12:07
I'll second that: with a big thump like that, the injector wires can get stretched (not enough slack) and can break inside the insulation. Try unscrewing the fuel injector and turning the bike over on the key. No spray = broken wires = easy and cheap fix.
Parent - By Butter Market Date 11.11.18 17:05
I’ll third it. Common things being most common, then look for the word and wonderful.

It happened to me but I had a slight connection which cause the bike to buck about.

Search for “bucking hell”.

Parent - - By Nightman Date 10.11.18 22:04
Are the fuses behind the seat? Excuse my ignorance but I've not done a great deal of engine mechanics. Always left it to those that know how. I'm a firm believer in paying someone for their knowledge/experience as opposed to having a go and making it worse. (unless it's something simple I can do) ;)
Parent - - By leonm Date 11.11.18 07:29
your exact problem (engine cut after hitting pothole) has been discussed a number of times on this forum.  make use of the very powerful search engine by clicking on search, then try code words in the subject window (eg. injector, broken wires, pothole, cutout etc.)
i would start with v2k's suggestion re. broken injector wires under the seat (usually at the injector plug)
Parent - - By Nightman Date 11.11.18 09:54
I did a search but didn't think to put 'pot hole' in the search field. I think I've had issues with injector wires, years back. Well, if it is a broken wire there's not a lot I can do as I don't have a spare :)
As for battery terminals? They're lovely, clean and tight.

Cheers for all your input guys. Nice to know there are people out there willing to give there time in helping me out with their experience. Thanks :)
Parent - By Clunkfish Date 11.11.18 12:08

>Well, if it is a broken wire there's not a lot I can do as I don't have a spare

You can usually just splice in a bit of extra wire to bypass the break or breaks.
Parent - - By leonm Date 11.11.18 16:47
i tried "pothole"  and the search engine came up with nearly a hundred posts!
Parent - By aware Date 11.11.18 17:12
That's because there are hundreds of potholes!
In my Country, there a millions of them
Parent - By alunt Date 11.11.18 08:30
Make sure the battery terminals are nice and tight
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