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- - By Spud Im Irish Date 01.09.18 20:31
Replaced my busted 200 engine with a 125- changed the ECU.
While I can hear fuel pump and if I remove pipe from injector fuel pumps/ but it’s not coming through injector.
I spotted some frayed wire (green/yellow) just at end of plug that goes to injector.
Could the wire be the issue- if so how do I re-wire as plug looks like a sealed unit.
If the injector is blocked how do you unblock it?
I’ll try to load a picture of plug
Parent - - By rockstedy Date 01.09.18 21:44
Most likely damaged wire during engine swap as on your picture.
Parent - - By Spud Im Irish Date 01.09.18 22:06
Can the plug be re-wired?
Parent - - By rockstedy Date 02.09.18 01:21
Yes injector plug can be fixed but possibly easier and faster would be to buy new one:
Parent - - By Spud Im Irish Date 02.09.18 18:48
Cheers- ordered that - so hopefully will resolve it.
Parent - - By Spud Im Irish Date 04.11.18 16:02
Still not getting any fuel from injector- have checked
Injector- substituted a working one- no change
Swapped Ecu back (changing 200 to 125) no change
Fuel pump working and plenty of fuel being supplied to injector
Replaced injector electrical  plug
Seem to have all other electrics- does injector share fuse with other part/ e.g if headlight works and they are on same circuit then all should be ok?

Not sure where to go now- any advice would appreciated
Parent - By jeb Date 04.11.18 16:51
there are 2 connector plugs the same in the engine compartment.   usually the plug will only connect to the correct socket, but since 2 plugs are the same it is very easy to wrongly connect them   I cannot remember which plugs they are but possibly the air sensor one.
try interchanging them          You never know your luck,
Parent - - By leonm Date 04.11.18 16:53
you may have lost the tdc pulse from the tdc sensor at the magnet wheel to the ecu via a 2 pin flying plug/socket located near the starter solenoid. also check the two tdc pulse wires where they leave the magnet wheel aluminium cover (at the rubber grommet).
  you can also test for a  firing pulse (about 9.5 v) at the injector plug while starter is operating.
Parent - By HelmetHair Date 04.11.18 17:52
Parent - - By Spud Im Irish Date 04.11.18 23:08
Jeb-thanks had checked that too. :(
@ Leon- The tdc sensors you mentioned are they the ones coming from the alternator cover?
For a real simpleton could you explain how to check bolts on the injector?  presumably using a multi meter?
Thanks again Leon

Parent - By aware Date 05.11.18 05:31
Tdc sensor is the twin cable part (not the three yellow cables) inside alternator cover.
With a multimeter you can read the voltage of the 2 cables of the injector. If you don't want to cut the cables, then unplug the plug and read it by touching the pins inside the plug.
Parent - By leonm Date 06.11.18 08:36
hi david
  from the wiring diagram you will see that the sensor connects direct to the ecu, and from the ecu there is another direct 2 wire circuit to the injector , so you need to test this path. as mentioned by other members, the most likely cause of loss of injector pulse will be broken injector wires in loom under seat  and broken sensor wires at the grommet.
   unplug the 2 pin flying plug, test resistance of tdc sensor.   from memory, it should be  a couple of hundred ohms. if ok, reconnect plug. now disconnect plug at injector and connect multimeter on ac scale. you should read a couple of volts while engine is cranking. a voltage tester with an led indicator will indicate even better.
  if you test open circuit as per above test at flying plug, inspect wires up to grommet, then remove cover (drain oil first) and measure resistance direct on sensor (two solder blobs).
if ok, unsolder and replace/repair  two wires up to plug. also  check gap between sensor pole and magnet wheel. check for steel whiskers, they can kill a pulse as owners of magneto ignition bikes will know. if open circuit at sensor, replace.  these sensors are very reliable and the fault is usually elsewhere.
   you can also check the integrity of the wires right up to the ecu(remove large ecu plug  on unit). all connections are marked and can be cross referenced to the wiring diagrams.
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