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- - By aware Date 29.08.18 09:33
Today while returning back to home a hiccup took place (cut off electrical most probably).
At first traffic light, the engine switched off but with the starter went on again.
I stopped at the side of the road and started testing things.
I initially swapped spark plug cap - nothing.
I then attached with aligator clips an injector plug an it started.
I drove back at home although there were some quick bursts of misfires but they ceased after a bit.
Then came at home and tried again the original injector plug. Surprisingly, it was still working ok!
So I have no real idea what was the reason behind. I just extracted the iridium plug I had recently put (some months ago) and just resorted to a CR8EB.
Now I have to test it on the road.
Full of adventures
Parent - - By V2k Date 30.08.18 06:23
injector wires is a common one?
Parent - - By aware Date 30.08.18 10:15
Correctly put.
C'mon tool shows injector valve error.
I redid the cables and put new plug.
Parent - - By aware Date 31.08.18 12:27
Update: had a trip today and the damn thing cut again. Came back and used my second bike to commute today.
Will have to check again with c'mon tool and if the same error comes up I will start digging deeper by first swapping injector itself.
Parent - - By aware Date 31.08.18 15:47
I fitted the cmon tool and showed no error.
So now I start suspecting the ignition cable which is rather hard to change without removing the side panel.
Parent - - By aware Date 06.09.18 05:22
Latest understanding: misfires when rather lot of throttle is applied.
Can be worn ignition cable that also may explain the low idle too.
Parent - - By alunt Date 06.09.18 10:14
Make sure the battery connections are tight as well.
Parent - By aware Date 06.09.18 13:17
Battery connections super tight.
Weirdly enough, I get errors "Temperature warning lamp" with C'mon diagnostic tool.  The lamp works however.
Up Topic C1 Information / Repairs - Faults & Fixes / Breakdown (almost)

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