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- - By Spck111 Date 04.08.18 10:08 Edited 04.08.18 10:22
Hi all,

So now my front fork seals are leaking quite a lot.  I’ve taken off the front wheel and I undid the bottom “yoke” and slid the lower part of the shocks out. The collars don’t have any cracks or damage which I know is a common problem so I think it’s just the seals that need replacing .  Now my question is, there seems to be a small bit of play in the small central shock, it clunks slightly when you lift the leaver up and down.  I’m taking it this isn’t normal?  Looks like the bottom of the shock is ok as the shock itself is lifting up and down so seems to be play in the top part of the shock.  It’s looks like there’s no leaking or damage to the shock itself but can’t really check properly until I have the whole lot out which I’ll do over the next few days.  If it’s the bush at the top of the shock, is this a replaceable part?  These shocks are an inordinate amount of money!!!

Kind regards

Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 04.08.18 10:54
Is it too late to refer you to previous posts on easy fix for this issue?;hl=Jubilee%20clip
Parent - - By Spck111 Date 05.08.18 02:27
Thanks for that post but it’s definitely the seals. Took them out today and they are split to buggery.  Now that post you mentioned spoke about having to undo the Allen nut at the top of the fork to get to the fork seals. I just removed the front wheel. Jacked the front of the bike up quite high, took the lower yoke nut off (at the bottom of the shock) and they just slid out.  Is this right or is something amiss?
Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 05.08.18 19:56
I've never tried it that way. If the ally caps are solid I expect you'd have difficulty hetting it back up.
Parent - - By Spck111 Date 06.08.18 11:23
Caps look fine. No damage and no splits. Have just tried to put the bottom legs back on and it was fine.  Whole lot stripped out now and totally stripped down and decreased.  The front shock is fine and the bushes have no play whatsoever no leakage etc. The small plastic sliders which are on either side of the top mount bolt are very loose but I don’t know if you can order these  separately as they aren’t shown in the parts Fische. Also the cable roller is damaged and both of the rear hooks have partially snapped off. I drained all the fork oil out and there wasn’t much in there to be honest. Approx half what there should be.  Decided to strip all the paint etc off he lower fork legs as there is some corrosion behind the paint and repaint them. So a few new parts to get and it all goes back together again. :)
Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 06.08.18 11:41
I'm a little confused by over exactly what you have done/are doing-but if it's all working out then that's excellent news!
The hex key part is in removing the top part of the sliders from the top toke. I think you've left top part in place. This would save time
if you can get the bottom sliders up into position without damage then it should all be good.
Parent - - By Spck111 Date 06.08.18 12:02 Edited 06.08.18 12:29
Yep. That’s exactly what I’ve done. Altough I’ve now taken the top off as well in order to get to the top of the shock and strip the handle lifting mechanism down to replace some of the parts in there. I was quite surprised initially when the bottom of the suspension dropped off but it made it all a bit easier. :)   I’ve also now noticed the left hand main lifting mechanism spring and eyebolt is missing. There’s actually quite a few missing parts in the lifting mechanism , 4 plain bearings for a start. My parts list is getting longer :). Clearly a previous owner  was a bodge merchant and had this off at some point and just threw it back together so it’s all very loose and ricketity.  I think I’ve found the part number for the plastic sliders which mount on the top of the shock. 46522336046   Is anyone could confirm. Not very clear on the Fische
Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 06.08.18 13:51
I have just dragged what's left of a breaker bike into the pavement for the totters to take.
It has the complete lifting mech. Come get it quick...
I'm in Uxbridge
Parent - By Spck111 Date 06.08.18 14:40
If only I had the resources!!! 
Parent - By Spck111 Date 06.08.18 15:57 Edited 06.08.18 15:59
Or maybe you could pop it off for me and I could give you some dosh for it. :) Id even come pick it up. You’re not to far away from me. :)
Parent - - By alunt Date 06.08.18 20:58
Dropping the forks downwards in the way you’ve done it is the way I always replace fork seals. It works well as long as you’re careful to align the forks carefully as you put them back on. If they’re not straight the seals can fold over the wrong way, resulting in leaks. Undoing the lower yoke nut can be a challenge but I’ve never had to give up on one yet.

The top fork Allen key bolts can be fragile and split as you try to unto the nuts. The lower fork one is more robust, so I stick with that method.
Parent - By Spck111 Date 07.08.18 08:34
Yes my top Allen key bits ale already snapped in half unfortunetly so I have to hold the top of the fork leg with a large set of vice grips with a soft rag to avoil damage and then use a spanner. Not the best but needs must.  :)
Parent - - By Spck111 Date 09.08.18 18:38
So...£127 just for the “bits” I need to replace (damaged or missing)!!!  And they no longer supply he countersunk bolt that holds the circular cable carrier to the lifting mechanism. (Top of the stand Bowden cable) had to drill one of mine out as it was seized right in hole. FFS.  In other news thou. Front fork legs nearly finished painting. Just the lower silver parts to complete. :)
Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 09.08.18 20:27
Crumbs did you buy them already? My frames gone but I may have a lifting mech from the last bike I broke.
Or ebay must have one cheaper then £127!!
Parent - By Spck111 Date 10.08.18 21:16 Edited 10.08.18 21:26
Ordered but not paid for yet :). All the plain bearings were missing as was one of the main lifting springs. The plastic slider bearings were also completely worn and loads of play. Along with lots of other bits and pieces. I don’t mind really as I’ve put new parts on the rest of the bike so why scrimp on the front end.  I’ll probably keep it now I think as it’s more or less brand new by the time I’ve finished.  Still have to get fork seals and fork oil yet.  I see you can see the seals and oil from so there’s an extra £50 ish buy the time it’s delivered.    Thing with ebay is you never know the condition of the part you’re getting re bearings and it’s about £100 for the lifting mech on there so for the extra cost I get piece of mind I suppose.   If you have a one of the counter sunk bolts thou id gladly have that. :)
Parent - By HelmetHair Date 11.08.18 10:29
Seems a better bet.
Parent - By Spck111 Date 23.08.18 18:07 Edited 23.08.18 18:52
Right front fork are painted. Buggered up the masking to make the bottoms silver so now they’re black :) . Everyrything else ordered.  New lifting mechanism, Bowden cables, top box hook set, fork seals and fork oil, front brake pads and I threw in a lower front mudguard just for good measure.  Awaiting a large package from Germany.  :)
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