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- - By Butter Market Date 20.07.18 07:53
Dear Forum,

This morning on my daily commute I rolled backwards off the drive and felt a click come through the handlebars noted it and then set off. After about 1/4 of a mile I felt this clicking through the handlebars again. I can only describe it as disarticulated knuckle cracking snapping. It was with no frequency but did increase by 1/2 a mile. I decided to turn round, but had a look and couldn’t see or feel anything. Road home clicked some more then I heard the noice quite the loud grumble from the front wheel. Limped home and had a good look for his time and it looks like a shim has come away from the centre point, in retrospect is should have taken a picture. Anyway, I’m putting out there to the experts on the forum.

Has my front bearing gone ?

Tips on fixed, size of replacement bearing. Likely it’s going to be a work shop job as I lack the tools to push in a new one ( probably ).

Thanks in advance

Parent - - By alunt Date 20.07.18 08:59
I don’t quite understand the bit about a shim, but try this first: When the bike’s on its stand, spin the front wheel and listen for the grumble. Then check the wheel for lateral movement. If you get both it’s just the front wheel bearings I suspect. A common fault and not expensive to fix.

It sounds quite bad, so I wouldn’t ride it at all. If you can take the front wheel off yourself you could take it to a bike shop for new bearings to be fitted, they are very common bearings so they should have some in stock. It doesn’t require specialist equipment to replace them so you could look at doing yourself. Sometimes they need a bit of bearing lock to hold the bearings in place if the seats are a bit worn and the bearings just fall out.
Parent - By rockstedy Date 21.07.18 04:26
Just add that needed 2x SKF 6003 2RS and usually one on brake disc side fails first. Pm me if need more assistance/detailed info.
Parent - - By leonm Date 20.07.18 16:55
i post below an extract of my posting of 21.01.15.  also other postings over the years on bmw recommended installation procedure (which i suspect is not adhered to by some agents). use bearings with rubber sides designated 2rs, and not metal sides. this is a job that can be done at home .

One of the more serious design failings on the c1 concerns the front wheel bearings.
Persistent irregular abs warning lights when riding prompted me to have a good look at the setup on a newly acquired bike. Rear wheel abs sensor clearance spot-on at 0.4mm, front wheel 0.95mm.
  bearing positions in wheel hub looked a bit suspect so I drifted out rhs bearing, then seated lhs (abs side) bearing up to the land. Replaced spacer tube, heated up hub and installed a new rhs side bearing such that it just touches the spacer tube.
Abs problem sorted.
Bad design?   Yes, lhs side bearing position determines the abs sensor clearance. The spacer length is fractionally longer than  the bearing  land-to-land  distance so if you install the rhs bearing first you will end up with a sensor gap which is too large.
The solution would have been quite simple for bmw.  Make the lhs bearing an interference fit requiring wheel heating and the rhs bearing a light press fit, still retaining the spacer to transfer the nut tightening tension.
This will obviate the most common c1 fault.
Parent - By V2k Date 20.07.18 18:00 Edited 20.07.18 18:03
Hold handlebars,spin wheel,if you feel vibration thru bars,bearings are shot.You need 6003,s,one of which I have sent you, easy to do,just gently drift old ones out and replace,but you might need to check forum for other people whom have done it, just so you know what youre doing,it isnt difficult at all really.
Parent - - By Butter Market Date 22.07.18 07:04 Edited 22.07.18 07:13
Dear All,

Thank you so much for your swift and detailed responses. I had the chance to have a more detailed look yesterday.
Wheel doesn’t spin and massive amounts of play in the wheel when wiggles are applied to it. Yes it’s shot to pieces and yes it’s the brake side also. I’ll set to and get it done. Regards what I referred to as a shim, I meant a very thin metal cover over the bearing. See attached photo, with red arrow indicating the piece I mean. Thank you all once again. I’ll get round to it when I get back from holiday. Take care Alastair
Parent - By HelmetHair Date 22.07.18 08:18
That looks like the part of the bearing that holds the balls in place
All your balls have fallen out-hence the massive play.
As you already know, of course, the bike is unrideable and a death trap.
New bearings and all will be good!
Parent - - By leonm Date 22.07.18 10:36
you may have damaged the abs sensor due to the excessive play, so after fitting new bearings carefully check sensor gap (0.2 to 0.8mm).
Parent - By Butter Market Date 23.07.18 15:00
Yes it’s off the road.

New bearings ordered.


Thanks forum folks, I’ll check the sensor when I have the wheel redone and ready to ride again.

Till the next time

Tat tar

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