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- - By aware Date 19.07.18 11:00
Any idea how to change the silent blocks at the base of the engine, I unscrewed the nut inside and the allen screw on the other side but this apparently isn't enough.
Parent - - By aware Date 20.07.18 05:39
Parent - By alunt Date 20.07.18 09:05
I’ve never heard of them failing so not much experience of changing them. I once dismantled a write off and would have removed them, I don’t remember any special problems, but I took the engine out first. Maybe you need to at least drop or raise the front of the engine to see a bit more?
Parent - By Spck111 Date 20.07.18 20:05 Edited 20.07.18 20:10
You have to drop the front of the engine by removing the long mounting bolts which run under the Bike.  I used a jack under the engine and a cable tie on the rear brake lever to stop the engine rolling back on the back wheel otherwise it’s a real bugger to line everything back up after removing the Allen bolt you mentioned.  There’s a large nut on the rear of the bush which has to be removed  then it just pops out. Have a look here..  :).

Long bolts 3,9,20 in the diagram. Can’t remember if they all have to be removed but have a go and remove one at at time. I seem to remember it’s easier to put these back in from the rear most to the front order
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