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- - By p.gill Date 10.06.18 14:15
Hi C1ers
Problem, I have the FAS on both my C1s, with my iPhone 5 with the jack plunged in wonderful music! As soon as I connect a charging cable to the phone with the engine running there is lots of ‘noise’ coming through the speakers.
There are a few usb noise suppressors I’ve seen on eBay rangeing upto £50, don’t mind spending if it works!
Can anyone recommend one!
Parent - By aware Date 10.06.18 14:33
I had tried several of them with no luck.
Parent - - By Spck111 Date 20.06.18 20:47
Have you tried charging directly off the battery?  I had this on my old Pan European and the only way it would work  was to power the radio from the battery. Try connecting a usb charger directly to the battery via crocodile clips and see it that cures it and if so do a permanent wire in.  Just a thought. I just use a scala Bluetooth headset now.  Much easier and Bike transferable. :)
Parent - - By p.gill Date 23.07.18 16:38
Cured the noise problem, connect the power socket directly to the battery with some two core shielded cable, requires a few panels to be removed, job done!
Parent - By Spck111 Date 23.07.18 23:03
Told ya.  :)
Parent - By rockstedy Date 23.07.18 22:53
Bluetooth receiver with optional joystick to navigate playlist should do the job.
Up Topic C1 Information / Repairs - Faults & Fixes / Engine noise interference!

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