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- - By patc50 Date 04.06.18 18:43
My handlebar cover and dashboard are sticky and almost soft to touch, so much so that even a thumbprint can mark it.  Both items are looking worn and unsightly even thought the bike has only done some 7000 miles.  I'd like to clean off the soft, sticky surface and apply a matt paint - I'm not keen on the high gloss finish I've seen on some C1s.  Can anyone recommend a product to clean off the sticky surface and then recommend the best paint to use - or any other magic treatment?


Parent - By rockstedy Date 04.06.18 19:37
Came with similar problem on old sticky rubber coated surface which tried to clean unsuccessfully with some chemical and finally stainless steel scourer with kitchen washing liquid did the job. Before painting need to be applied undercoat dedicated for plastic. Why not to try wrapping instead?
Parent - By alunt Date 05.06.18 09:59
I would definitely avoid glossy finishes, as you say. The reflections in the windscreen would be significant.
The only way I’ve found to replace the paint is to remove the dashboard and instruments, then physically remove the paint with orbital sander / elbow grease with something like 240 grit paper, then finish with 800 grit wet and dry, or finer if you want a better finish.
Then use a couple of coats of plastic etching primer, followed by sanding smooth with 2000 wet and dry, then 3 coats of matt black. Check what needs to go on top of the matt black, I can’t remember, you don’t really want a glossy lacquer on it!

It’s time consuming because of all the curves on the dash, but it really smartens up the interior. I don’t know if a rubberised paint is available, like the original, might be worth looking for one, it should be more resistant to scratches than ordinary paint.
Parent - - By Barbarossa Date 05.06.18 11:51 Edited 09.06.18 11:39
I've used specialist uPVC cleaner - obtainable from glass merchants - with good results on various "plastics", not just the domestic window uPVC for which it is sold. £4.20 the last one I bought cost.
In case of really badly soiled or stained plastics, I've used cellulose thinners. You MUST use a white cloth, no colours whatsoever. You will find the thinners will slightly "melt" the surface but it will remove just about anything and the plastic then "sets" almost instantly.You may have to rub it several times and then give it a quick "clean-sweep" with the thinners but I have always been pleased with the results. When I did work for my son's auto-parts business, I used to do a lot of metal-polishing in my garage and the white uPVC windows were seemingly permanently stained with yellow-brown rust-like marks. Nothing would shift them till I used cellulose thinners - even the C.O. said they had come up like new. When we had a new front door a few weeks ago, I asked the fitter if there would be any long-term effects of using thinners on uPVC and he said no - he had used it himself sometimes.
As for finishes - have you tried 'Black Plastic Polish' ? - available at any car-parts shop or even supermarket. Works wonders on greyed and stained plastic. When I bought my C1, all the plastics were greyish but this stuff brought them back like new.
As for paint - again, try your local car-parts store for matt-black plastic rattle-can paint. I use this stuff for all the plastic panels under the wheel-arches of my pick-up truck and they come up like new every-time.
Parent - - By Bertone Date 05.06.18 13:52
How about the idea using black líquid vinyl spray to emulate original finish?
Parent - By patc50 Date 08.06.18 17:27
Thanks to all for the suggestions - I will mull over the options and let you know what happens.

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