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- - By Spud Im Irish Date 02.06.18 12:01
So with my buggered 200 engine I now may put in a 125 engine
I picked up on a parts bike.
So other than changing the ECU- is there anything else I need to change?
Of is it just straight swap?
The variator and clutch in the 200 are newer/ (rollers
Non grease type for 200)- again straight swap?
What sort of speed does a 125 go compared to 200
As need to go on motorway- but don’t want to be too much slower than normal traffic!
Parent - By aware Date 02.06.18 12:58
Rollers 9 grams instead of 10,4 of 200.
ECU swap too.
Parent - - By alunt Date 02.06.18 14:41
You won’t notice much difference in top speed, but acceleration will be slower with more revving involved due to the lighter rollers.
Parent - - By Spud Im Irish Date 02.06.18 15:55
Ok thanks
Will keep rollers that are in the 125 already.
How much grease goes in? Is it just a slight spread of it, or is it packed?
Presume just a thin layer?
Is it just normal automotive grease?
Parent - - By rockstedy Date 02.06.18 20:02
Wet variator require graphite grease.
Parent - - By V2k Date 03.06.18 07:45 Edited 03.06.18 07:49
no it doesnt!!,also there isnt a non grease type for the 200,if you think about it,its the same variator,why should it be greased up?in short, never pack grease in variator,common error,it just attracts all the dust and gums up all the rollers seen it so many times on variators,ends up a sludgy sticky mess and rollers dont move,..only light spraylube and assemble.
Parent - - By Spud Im Irish Date 03.06.18 08:05
Do you mean something like WD40??
Or something with greater viscosity?
Parent - By alunt Date 04.06.18 09:50 Edited 04.06.18 09:54
In the workshop manual they recommend Shell Retinax for variator rollers and needle bearings. Just noticed that’s shown in Rocksteady ‘s attachment.
Parent - By V2k Date 04.06.18 16:05 Edited 05.06.18 05:30
something light that will gently spray on the rollers and give a light slippy feel for want of a better description, that doesn,t gum up the rollers as grease will inevitably do and prevent movement.
Parent - By rockstedy Date 03.06.18 15:02
In wet variator is extra cover sealed with rubber O-ring so there is no dust/ dirt going inside. As per manual on attached picture:
Up Topic C1 Information / Repairs - Faults & Fixes / 200 to 125

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