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- - By Spud Im Irish Date 14.05.18 15:32
I was riding my main bike on Friday- initially wouldn't start- so got someone with jumper pack to help- started fine.
While riding, I could feel that the bike was loosing power- where it eventually just stopped and I rolled to a halt.
Presuming it was the battery, bought & charged a new one- but nothing- all I get is a single click noise
Check fuses- all seem fine- this happened to anyone else?

Parent - - By rockstedy Date 15.05.18 01:04
Sorry to hear about your bike problem. You didn’t mention if after relay click can hear fuel pump working? If not it may be fuse no4. If yes please read my post about fuel pump hose failure inside tank. Hope fix bike soon.
Parent - - By Spud Im Irish Date 15.05.18 05:47
I do hear the fuel pump go.
Fuses seem fine-
But engine not turning over at all.
Was thinking fuel pump- but that doesn’t explain poor
Starting and loss of power??
Anyone similar experience?
Parent - By alunt Date 15.05.18 06:08
Take off the plastic transmission cover and put a socket on the variator nut and make sure you can turn the engine over manually. That will eliminate seized engine as the reason for the starter motor not turning it over.

Check main electrical connections e.g earth cable and +ve lead connections. I’m assuming the battery connections themselves are ok but the other ends of those cables where they connect to the bike are what I’m referring to.
Parent - By leonm Date 15.05.18 16:52
if i may add to alunt's excellent points raised:
fuel pump draws a low current and will work even with flat battery
starter draws very high current and will quickly show up an undercharged/faulty battery usually with clicking solenoid
to check, connect voltmeter to battery terminals and read voltage while starting. it should not drop below about 10.5volts
if ok, connect voltmeter between starter terminal on starter body and brown wires at starter rear fastening point. if it reads the same, you may have a faulty starter
plenty of posts on this topic on forum
we all hold thumbs
Parent - - By BOR Date 15.05.18 15:30
Do you mean that the starter motor turns the engine over, but the engine won't fire ?

In my case, poor/intermittent starting was the beginning of the crank-sensor failing.
Parent - - By Spud Im Irish Date 15.05.18 18:52
Cheers guys for all comments and advice.
Will check over the weekend and revert
Thanks again
Parent - - By Spud Im Irish Date 17.05.18 18:43
Well it looks like that engine is F*cked!
Looks like water pump failed- engine full of oil & water!!
And seized! And plenty of filings in sump plug.
Looks like one of the bikes I wasn’t going to use is now
in play!
Bollix it anyway!!
Parent - - By aware Date 18.05.18 04:28
There is a special hole for relieving any leakage of water pump, unless this was blocked for some reason which is rather difficult.
So most likely the coolant in oil is from somewhere else eg head gasket failure.
Parent - - By alunt Date 18.05.18 07:51
Water can get into the oil round the outside of the water pump where there are seals which can fail, or the pump itself can corrode and allow this. I’ve had it myself after my long term C1 was not used for several years. I spotted it early, while recommissioning the bike, the sump was full of emulsion after running it for a short time. No water came out of the reveal hole because the shaft seals were OK. This could be case with your engine, but you didn’t notice it happening. All you would see is a small amount of coolant usage from the header tank.

I bought a bike with a seized engine a few years ago and tried to get the bearings changed, it’s a bit specialist and would have cost £200+ depending on the level of remedial work required. At the time there were whole bikes with running engines available for under £500 so I didn’t bother with fixing the engine.

It looks like you have an engine to tinker with now, good luck if you try to fix it.
Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 18.05.18 09:48
Parent - - By alunt Date 20.05.18 09:05
For the bike with water in the oil the oil pressure light was not on. There was very little indication of a problem, it was only by chance that I just warmed up the engine before changing the oil and did no real damage to it.
Parent - By aware Date 20.05.18 18:16
My flooded bike years ago had immense quantity of muddy water in the oil. Started fine, ran ok and yes the oil pressure light went on.
It was so much water that even after replacing the oil, the oil pressure light was still on and to my surprise the muddy color was still there.
After second change, the problem stopped.
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