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- - By aware Date 13.04.18 10:45
One of my c1 bikes is strangely different.
It lacks some power especially while accelerating.
I had to partially overcome this with the use of 9 grams rollers.
The only thing that is very obvious is that it is much quieter than the other 2 c1 bikes I have. Even when idling and also while driving.
It has good compression of 16 psi, even higher than the other bikes with 15psi.
This symptom of quieter running makes me wonder if has some meaning behind the lack of power.
What do you think.
Parent - - By leonm Date 13.04.18 14:57
corroded exhaust baffles or cracked ceramic element (not sure if c1 is fitted with such a thing).
swop out with other bike
Parent - - By aware Date 13.04.18 17:52
Can this affect performance?
Parent - - By leonm Date 14.04.18 15:23
yes. remember the good old days of removing exhaust baffles in order to "improve" performance?
Parent - By aware Date 14.04.18 18:37
I will swap.
Even the oxygen sensor can be contributing.
Parent - By Barbarossa Date 17.04.18 13:43
It's a while since I had a C1 but when I did have one, I did two things which improved smoothness and quietness no end.
I used an octane enhancer from Halfords - a couple of teaspoons per tankful made a very noticeable difference in the way the scoot behaved and always used STP oil treatment when doing an oil change. 900ml of oil + 100ml STP made the scoot super smooth.
Up Topic C1 Information / Repairs - Faults & Fixes / Quieter C1

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