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- - By patc50 Date 10.04.18 10:30
I'm having a slight issue with the C1 200 with 'engine over-run' when I shut off the throttle, especially when slowing down from high speed (60 mph).  The revs seem to stay high and the revs do not slow according to my speed - it just doesn't feel right.  I suspect the variator needs a clean and whilst I have it off I may put in some new rollers.  Can anyone tell me the weight of the 'standard' rollers for the 200 - I just can't seem to find it?  I know people change weights to improve acceleration etc, but I just want the bog standard normal weights. I know BMW will be able to tell me the info but I will probably buy some generic weights.

As ever, any info is much appreciated.

Parent - By Gerard Date 10.04.18 13:33

The weights are listed in the parts catalogue:, for a 200 it appears to be 10gr. There are two different specs of weight for a 125, 9gr and 10gr depending if it is a lubricated variator or not: (same as 200?)
Parent - - By rockstedy Date 10.04.18 14:47
Can recommend so far dr Pulley 10.5gr + Malossi variator = more C1 fun
Parent - By patc50 Date 10.04.18 17:53
Thanks Gerard - I hadn't spotted the weights - appreciated.  Hope all well with you.
@ rockstedy - I've been reading about the Malossi variator and there are good reports on the forum about the performance.
However, I think I fixed the problem ....... I took the variator apart and gave it a good clean and polish, there were no flat spots on the rollers so I just cleaned all the parts and put them back.  Took it for a fast run and the revving on the over-run is now normal.  When I shut off the throttle the revs slow down accordingly.  Thanks also go to Paul who this morning gave me a FaceTime run through of what to do, complete with 'here is one I prepared earlier'!


Up Topic C1 Information / Repairs - Faults & Fixes / Variator roller weights for C1 200

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