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- - By patc50 Date 07.04.18 16:09 Edited 07.04.18 16:16
A new problem, this time with the Wasp 125.  I washed the bike today and noticed that silver paint on the left (narrow) edge of the rear wheel has been rubbed off - something has be catching the rear wheel.  When I investigated I saw that a plastic cover attached to the outside (back) of the variator assembly that seems designed to protect the variator case from the rear wheel, has come slightly adrift.  Looking from the rear, it is in the region where the back axle oil breather tube comes out from the top of the rear axle.  The strange thing is that my Williams 200 does not have this plastic cover and I can't find it on the C1 parts diagrams.

I will have to remove the rear wheel (oh joy!) in order to access the area and if this part is not required, I will remove it.

Can anyone shed any light on this item?

Parent - - By aware Date 07.04.18 17:11
Some picture would help
Parent - - By patc50 Date 07.04.18 17:36 Edited 08.04.18 09:36
It's raining here at the moment and I will need good light for a decent picture - will post one tomorrow .... if it stops raining :)

Pictures now attached - looking from rear of bike. First picture shows the damage to the rear wheel, then what I think is the offending item.

Parent - - By patc50 Date 08.04.18 17:02
FIXED - I took the rear wheel off and found that a plastic guard/cover had come loose and was rubbing the wheel rim.  You can see to the left of the picture that a nut is missing - in fact the bolt is one of the bolts that holds on the air filter box and it also holds this guard in place.  You can also see the marks on the plastic that have been caused by the wheel rubbing.  The strange thing is that my other C1 (Williams 200) does not have this plastic guard at all.  The purpose of the guard seems to be to protect the inside wheel arch and the side of the variator assembly.

I sanded the damaged wheel area with some fine sandpaper and applied a thin coat of silver paint to avoid any rust on the rim.

Parent - - By p.gill Date 09.04.18 06:28
Hi Pat
If you go to the parts catalog, click on the engine icon, scroll to the very bottom, you’ll find what you’re looking for, the sound insulation package, the outside of the plastic panel has a sponge panel attached to ‘help’ deaden the sound!
The three elements of the insulation package don’t really make any difference at all!
Parent - By patc50 Date 09.04.18 10:18
Hi Paul - thanks for that info, I can now see the offending part, the swinging arm cover, number 2 in the diagram.  In fact, my other C1 (Williams) had the alternator cover fitted but I took it off some time ago as it seemed to trap the moisture inside but it never had the swinging arm cover fitted - strange!


Parent - By rockstedy Date 09.04.18 10:27
I have this also fitted in one of exec. It was catching all dirt and moisture in sponge but worst of all plastic has hole wear off by rear tyre. Without it is actually easier remove rear wheel as there is no much room and with it has to deflate tyre before fitting.
Up Topic C1 Information / Repairs - Faults & Fixes / Rear wheel rubbing on unknown plastic cover?

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