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- - By algawal Date 22.01.18 01:19
I need C1 good condition at a reasonable price

Parent - - By Ron90 Date 13.03.18 17:06
Parent - - By V2k Date 13.03.18 21:52 Edited 14.03.18 07:58
Sorry.. but it has to be said,that is the excellent bike that you had for a very reasonable £500 over a week ago (as you couldnt afford any more and offered 450 which was an insult,to my friend who took pity a bit and,after reducing it as far as he was  able to do,knocked another £150 off it for you as a gesture of goodwill and  let it go for 500 to you...),you always wanted one,said it was for fast food delivery as you could ..quote "gets lot pizza in there",  and now selling it straight away for a huge margin of £2,500!!!!!..Good luck!! Thats taught me a lesson Im afraid to say..My friend would be quite upset if I told,which I wont.However Im sure that you have managed to fix the other electrical faults before turning it around again so quickly!
Parent - - By Clunkfish Date 14.03.18 08:30
I'm sorry that this has happened Al, and especially for your friend who sounds like a very nice and generous person.

Ron90, on the other hand, is clearly a complete [deleted by moderator].
Parent - By V2k Date 14.03.18 09:16
Thanks Chris,it does stick just a bit with me,not to mention all the advice and help we offered him behind the scenes as it were with the stand cable repairs,what to get,where to go etc, which he clearly didnt understand.From the outset,it was clear he didnt know diddly about C1,s,he even said to me on phone,"after 30,000 miles,I been told  needs a new engine!" Yet here it is now two weeks later with a Huge markup,he hasnt mentioned in Gumtree about the electrical probs either.
Parent - - By Ron90 Date 14.03.18 09:20
Parent - By V2k Date 14.03.18 09:22
Sorry,not misjudging anything Ive seen so far,only thing we misjudged was my friend letting it go to you for peanuts..Too much fuel??? They are the most economical bikes going!!!  Yehh..London prices!!!.... Here we go!
Parent - By HelmetHair Date 13.03.18 22:41
It's done 25,000 miles. I'd say it's worth about £400, especially with that stand fault.
Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 14.03.18 08:37
Hi. What are the electrical faults? These are notoriously difficult to fix on a C1 and usually cost a great deal to put right!
I'd allow another £250 or so to fix them at least.
If you need any help let me know.
Parent - - By Ron90 Date 14.03.18 09:28
Parent - - By V2k Date 14.03.18 09:41
Ok,nevermind,hope it sells well for you.
Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 15.04.18 15:03
Price going down on eBay.
Currently 750...
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 15.04.18 19:18
The asshole texted me, followed by a phone call and offered it to me. I’ve no idea why. As soon as he started talking I knew to cut the call, I don’t deal with fools.
Parent - By V2k Date 16.04.18 05:38
yep,that sounds about right Phil..I think he must have got your number from one of your old posts where you left it up
Parent - - By Ron90 Date 23.04.18 13:35
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 23.04.18 19:34 Edited 23.04.18 19:47
Dear Ron90

Do us all a favour and GO AWAY

(How are the Pizza deliveries going?)
Parent - By Ron90 Date 25.04.18 06:20
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