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- - By rockstedy Date 21.10.17 19:30 Edited 21.10.17 20:12
Did some trips in stationery traffic recently and noticed that coolant overflow expansion tank ( removed around 180ml to get back to max level on cold engine) moreover fan kicks in more frequently than normal despite reasonably cold weather. Top up destilled water at front and seem to be ok. There is also some strange noses from engine. Anybody experienced that?
20800ml. Covered 9800ml with new head gasket, timing chain & guides installed.
Parent - - By variobob Date 21.10.17 20:49 Edited 21.10.17 20:58
Did you have the head and cilinder checked on 'flatness'? The signs of the tank overflowing and the new coolant would indicate leakage of the cilinder head gasket. Once the level is too low, so not enough coolant, the fan will come in early as the temperature is too high in the region of the cilinder head (where the sensor is situated!). On the front, the radiator that is, the temperature might still be more or less cold, but this is because the water is not flooding well enough in the circuit.

In a situation like this, whatever you do, please check the impeller on the water pump axle. It might have got damaged. If so, that might cause the sound. I had it once, one time I mean, with a C1 that had gotten too hot. Due to the overheating, the impeller came loose from the axle. This appeared on a non original water pump axle. On the original ones there is a metal spline that holds the impeller in place. I did see however on a meeting an original impeller that did not come loose from the axle but the blades themselves eroded.


Parent - - By rockstedy Date 21.10.17 23:02
Thank you Bob for quick and detailed answer. Will update post when open engine and check.
Parent - - By leonm Date 22.10.17 20:54

i have heard that noise before due a broken piston ring, which can be the result of overheating.   did you ever have the temperature warning light come on?
Parent - By rockstedy Date 22.10.17 21:00
No warning light at all. Sound is not permanent so is even more interesting. Planing to replace engine soon so will check what is wrong with current one.
Parent - - By C1ive Date 22.10.17 21:00
I suggest replacing the thermostat as this can cause overheating if it fails and is very easy to fix.
Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 14.08.18 10:56
Just reinforcing this point.
If you're engine is overheating (red warning light) you may also find the fans come on but the radiator is cold

This can mean
1-water pump broken
2-thermostat broken
3 radiator blocked.

I've never seen a c1 with (3), (1) is a royal PITA to change, (2) does happen and is relatively quick to check and change. You MAY even be able to pop the top hose off and see if you can see the rod that has pushed through the stupid plastic "stop" without removing anything too awkward to replace
Parent - - By rockstedy Date 14.08.18 22:09
Overheating was caused by blocked mesh oil filter clogged with plastic from timing chain guides which were grinded  by snapped links in 3 places!
Parent - - By aware Date 15.08.18 11:02
Wow, any photos?
And this weird sound was from worn chain/guides??
Parent - By rockstedy Date 15.08.18 11:06
PM send
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