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- - By Filbert Date 23.09.17 16:17
Was a bit battered, but saw one in the middle of Budapest last week
Parent - - By szecsei Date 03.05.19 11:59
Was it a black and yellow 'wasp' on UK plates? That was mine, now back in the UK as of yesterday.
Parent - - By Filbert Date 22.05.19 16:01
I can barely remember what i had for lunch yesterday. let alone the colours of a C1 18 months ago!!

Btw - Just trying to sort out ULEZ exemption and have been reading through your experiences. Bit of a nightmare, innit... 
Parent - - By szecsei Date 22.05.19 16:13
Actually I found the process relatively simple, but maybe I just got used to the way bureaucracies work elsewhere? One e-mail to BMW, a scan of my V5 and BMW's letter, registration with TFL and completion of their online form and press enter. 7 days later I had a reply confirming I'm ULEZ exempt. No money changed hands and the whole process was less than an hour of my time if I'm honest.
Parent - By Filbert Date 22.05.19 17:42
That's encouraging. I've not really ridden my bike since December, but now the nicer weather is here I thought I'd commute into London with it...Good job I checked first!

My 3 litre Range Rover is fibne, apparently, bit not my 125cc scooter! It's mad

Thanks for posting your experience of this - it really helped
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