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- - By Barbarossa Date 27.07.17 12:49
Near McDonald's on the Marina, riding onto Chain Caul Way.
A white C1.
This is only the second C1 I have ever seen on the road - and the first was 15yrs ago at ASDA, Clayton Green nr Chorley, Lancs.
Parent - By rockstedy Date 27.07.17 15:02 Edited 29.07.17 15:19
That must be extraordinary experience. Here in big city these are poping out here and there- the most I've seen was 4 in one day ( not including mine), few times 2, but usually can spot any every month. Sadly it look like these machines wear off slowly and getting less and less visible every year.
Parent - - By alunt Date 29.07.17 07:52
I can sometimes be spotted in the north west around the Bury area. The most visible occasion was a couple of weeks ago when I got a puncture on the M62 as I went through the road works, where there's no hard shoulder. I managed to wobble for half a mile onto the Rochdale slip road where I waited for 2 hours for the AA. It was entertaining for all the passing motorists anyway! The AA van had a trailer in the back which converted into a bike trailer, which worked well with a C1. The AA man said a lot of vans have this bike trailer Mecano set up.

I thought I would be ok if I got a puncture because I have a repair kit and a can of foam, but the valve had disintegrated so I was stuck. The metal part of the valve had come out of the rubber part. It looks as if valves can age as well as tyres. I got a new Hoop and valve fitted plus balancing for £63. Not bad I suppose.
Parent - - By Barbarossa Date 29.07.17 10:10
Same thing happened to me on my Honda CN250 a while back - the valve simply came away from the wheel ( tubeless tyres on the CN ) as it was so old. I'd done many thousands of miles before this happened and the tyre/tube was on the scoot when I bought it.

Incidentally, the scoot I saw at ASDA all those years ago ( my first grandchild was with me at the time - he was nearly 3 yrs old. Next year, he starts university. Where DID all the years go ???? ) was a 125 Executive in the graphite colours. Anyone out there claim responsibility ?
Parent - - By alunt Date 29.07.17 14:46
14 years ago we probably had The Rivington Five doing ride outs round the north west. We turned some heads as we swept through villages in t' hills and pulled in at Rivington Top Barn in convoy, where all the bikers go :-) You can imagine the attention we got! Mostly positive actually. There were a couple of graphite Execs then I seem to remember, and a couple of the group lived up your way.
Yesterday I got the most positive reaction I've ever had while riding a C1. I was waiting at lights behind a Mercedes SL which had its roof down, driver with cool shades on loving the attention. A group of young teenagers walked up the road past us and guess who got all the attention: yes me on the C1 :-) "wow mate that bike is sick! Have you come from the future?" Lots of thumbs up and other hot gestures. The guy in the Merc took it in good spirit and gave me a thumbs up as well.
Parent - - By Barbarossa Date 01.08.17 18:39
Rivington Barn.
Not been there since God was a lad.
Many years ago, when I had a proper job, one of my customers suggested I meet his "crew" in Bolton town centre and enjoy a great day out with them.
I rode my sports bike to meet them - Doug Hackings Showrooms on Chorley Old Rd. was the place - many "bikers" there ; expensive leathers, Fireblades, ZZR1100s, a couple of 916s and other stuff I don't remember as it was, what, 20 yrs ago.
After much joshing, piss-taking and general male-bonding, we set off on the promised  great day out.
Where did we go ?
All of 5 miles to Rivington Barn.
What did they all do there ?
Meet other bikers ready for a long day's ride ?
Nope - they got bottles of Bud and settled down to watch FOOTBALL on SKYSPORTS.
I buggered off after when I realised the bikes were just fashion accessories and the riders just t0ssers.
Never been back since.
Parent - By Hobomc Date 05.11.18 07:53
I took my Electra glide in for an MOT end of September and got talking to 2 gents near the burger van (Uppingham HD). Harley boots, jeans, shirts, jackets and buffs they were gob smacked to hear I'd gone to Kelso the weekend before for lunch with a friend. A fellow who works there (I shall spare his blushes as posers pay his wages) told me they live 40 mile away, in good weather they ride in for 10ish hang out till 4ish and go home. The only miles their bikes ever see. Hopefully taking the C1 to Kelso scooter rally next year, the lack of adjustment has me concerned about comfort. Any tips?
Parent - By Mark Field Date 04.11.18 19:12
It was me- I was on the way to the trading estate to book my MOT.
Are you in Preston?
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