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- - By Bertone Date 26.02.17 19:01

One more thing to my "C1 kaputt-list"...

Now I've noticed my that my thermostat is broken and in closed position allways...I did the hot water test but no movement at all...

At BMW Madrid they want around 50 EUR for a new piece (part nr: 11 53 1343044).

I have found this Aprilia Atlantic 400 thermostat suspiciously similar to the C1 one but at half the price (20 EUR):

Anyone knows if the Aprilia thermo will fit to my C1???
Parent - - By alunt Date 27.02.17 10:48
It looks similar, but I don't know for sure if it'll fit.

It's possible to repair the broken BMW thermostats quite often. If you look down the end of one of the branches of the thermostat you may see the end of the valve shaft protruding through the plastic retainer. It's possible to drill a hole across the branch you're looking down and slide in a suitable piece of metal rod which will hold that spring loaded shaft in place. I did it once and it lasted at least until the bike was sold several months later.
Parent - - By Bertone Date 27.02.17 11:10
You mean that I should add a piece of metal to compress the spring so it is open all the time?
Parent - - By alunt Date 27.02.17 11:21
No, the metal rod supports / replaces the broken plastic part, so the spring loaded part is compressed above it and the thermostat functions normally. The rod will stay in place because the rubber pipe will cover both ends (cut it exactly to length so that it does not damage the rubber pipe).
Parent - - By Bertone Date 27.02.17 14:34
Ok, now I see.....However my plastic end part is not broken...
Parent - - By Barbarossa Date 03.03.17 12:26
Has anyone ever tried doing away with the thermostat entirely ?
Perhaps connecting the hoses with pieces of plastic or metal pipe to form a joint without the stat ?
Would it work or is there pressure related reason the stat must be in place ?
Parent - By Bertone Date 03.03.17 13:14
You could always try to open up the part to see if you can replace the thermo with a replacement (sheeper) one.

There is a "metal ring" that is clamped on to the plastic holding it together.
Perhaps it's possible to pry it off and open up the thernostat....

If so, I would try to replace the theromstat metal body with another one (if you can find a replacement part similar to the OEM one)
rather than removing it or make it open up permanantly.

If you remove it, then the engine will run "cold" and not pick up normal working temperature...or do this later since engine start...
So I guess you will get poorer engine performance and higer fuel consumption....
Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 14.08.18 15:43
Did you ever find out?
I'd say it's certainly worth a shot. It's a shame that postage costs make it so expensive for the uk!
Parent - - By alunt Date 15.08.18 14:15
I’ve got one of these in a C1 at the moment and it’s been working well for the past few weeks:

The pipes are at a slightly different angle to the C1 version, but there’s enough give in the C1 pipes to connect them up OK.
Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 15.08.18 15:53
Good stuff! There must be a cheaper source though? Somewhere UK based?
Parent - By alunt Date 16.08.18 12:59
At almost half the BMW price I was quite happy with the price from these guys. I looked for a cheaper UK source, but didn’t find one.
Up Topic C1 Information / Repairs - Faults & Fixes / Aprilia equivalent thermostat to the C1?

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