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- - By Keefy Date 01.10.16 10:49 Edited 01.10.16 18:53
My (company) bike, 36000 miles, 200 Exec. Still going strong and saving lives (Vital meds delivery....)
Parent - - By C1ive Date 29.10.16 17:03
I'm sure I've seen you drive past the bakery next to Carshalton Beeches train station. Let me know if you want to meet up there for a coffee sometime.
Parent - - By Keefy Date 16.11.16 19:20 Edited 16.11.16 19:42
Sounds good Clive, but the C1 has been stolen whilst been serviced at Chasbikes !!!, so am in the throes and woes of sorting it out.
Have you got that shiny red one ?
Parent - - By C1ive Date 16.11.16 19:37
OMG, sorry to hear that. I have used Chasbikes many times before but never had a problem. If it was stolen while they had the keys they should be responsible for it.
I know the red C1 you mean parked outside the bakery but it isn't mine and I haven't seen it for ages. I don't ride mine much anymore as I now work from home. If you get your bike back or buy another C1 get in touch. I have an ECU reader and variator tool if you need one, plus a load of spares.
ATB, Clive
Parent - - By Keefy Date 16.11.16 19:47
Will keep you utd on proceedings, but Chasbikes have said they will replace it with one of similar or higher spec.....that's if they can source one of course.... and I would be interested in your spares collection. Speak soon.
Parent - - By Keefy Date 21.11.16 21:36
So, unbelievably, Chasbikes have recovered the bike....(hmmmm)....apparently it was found around the corner on its side with some rear panel damage.
Its all been fixed now and ready to collect. What a drama this has been. Anyhow, can't wait to have her back !
Parent - By Muddi Camel Date 21.11.16 22:52
Glad it's on it's way back. 
Parent - By C1ive Date 23.11.16 23:33
Glad to hear you got the bike back. Let me know if you want to meet up in Epsom or Carshalton some time.
Up Topic Chat Forums / C1 Spotted! / Spotted in Cheam, Surrey.

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