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- - By Butter Market Date 25.03.16 15:35
Dear All,

Yesterday on my way home the red light came on when at traffic lights. When I accelerated it went off. Next stop it happened again and again on acceleration it went off. Then as I traveled a bit further the light flickered but never came on fully. Eventually it came on permanently and even with acceleration it would not got off.

Checked oil which was fine from a level point of view.

Today same again this time the process was much quicker to get to red full on. Did do the same though on when stopped initially, off when moving but then red was there for the rest of journey stopped or moving. Again levels all good.

Sounds like a electrical fault but the fact it's not there all the time leads me away from that.

Any help please.
Parent - - By alunt Date 25.03.16 17:00
It's probably the oil pressure regulator valve. It's a spring which weakens over time. You can get a new one from BMW for a few quid or just pull it out and stretch it a bit. It's located on the near side of the engine near the coolant drain plug, very easy to remove and check, but you'll need to drain some oil first.
Parent - - By Butter Market Date 25.03.16 17:03
Thanks for that I'll take a look and report back.

Very much appreciated.

Parent - By HelmetHair Date 25.03.16 17:42
Keep in mind that it is an oil pressure warning light. Your pump may be dying.

(Normally it is a faulty sensor, but don't bank on it!)
Parent - - By leonm Date 25.03.16 20:32
there is a lot on the forum on this very topic and from past comments i would go through a process of elimination starting with the easy items:
1. stretch pressure control valve spring (as suggested) or replace. you may also consider seating  ball using a smallish hammer (see notes on forum)
2. replace oil filter and renew oil
3. the most likely (and expensive) candidate is probably the pressure switch. if you opt not to use a bmw replacement switch, you can safely use a generic one but scan the forum regarding the operating point or take the old switch along for the vendor to identify the markings on the switch.
Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 25.03.16 21:04
Here you go.
0.15-0.35 blue oil Pressure switch from volksbits_england
Works fine with washer supplied. £3.60

I'd do this first, and ASAP. Then start on other things.
Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 28.03.19 13:29 Edited 31.07.19 08:22
you may end up with one with the wrong connection

Seat Ibiza MK2 1.9 SDI 0.15-0.35 bar Genuine Cambiare Oil Pressure Switch

Parent - By HelmetHair Date 27.07.19 08:44
VolksBits Seem to have them back again.
Search Ebay for
Part number. 4.50£ each. Bargain to keep you advised of your oil pressure and stop any leaks!
Parent - - By Ultrablast Date 31.03.16 20:38
I agree with Helmet Hair - this has happened to me 3 times now and each time its been the pressure switch. Cheap and easy to replace (even for me) so a good place to start.

I've discovered I don't even have to drain any oil - just tilt it over to right a bit. I've used my son on the other side to hold it or leaned it against a wall with decent padding at the contact point. If nothing else, a pillow in a bin bag works great. (A bit of velcro strapping or similar around one of the brake levers prevents a roll-related accident). (Says the guy who rolled it off its stand just after replacing the front wheel bearings! :) )

And a lesson from Bolt on Billy - following my roll off the stand, no matter what I'm doing to the bike now, I use a tie-down strap to strap the stand to the front wheel or one of the forks.
Parent - By Butter Market Date 08.04.16 17:52
Dear All,

Pressure switch replaced today and a little run out showed no red lights. Fantastic !!

Thank you everyone.

Parent - By HelmetHair Date 25.10.19 11:36
It's taken me 3 1/2 years to realise why this post made me uncomfortable.

>(A bit of velcro strapping or similar around one of the brake levers prevents a roll-related accident)

Its this bit. It should be around the left hand side handbrake-the rear one...because the front wheel is off the ground and will not prevent a roll related accident even if the brake is applied!
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