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- - By Kiko Date 19.12.15 05:05
Well, last night a car t-boned me hitting the exhaust in the process, nothing too violent and she kept upright denting the exhaust shield but when I got home I realised the whole engine was an inch off centered!!

I still havent had the chance to look myself, is this an easy fix?
Parent - - By Muddi Camel Date 06.01.16 20:51
Gaffer tape?

Hope you're ok?
It may be that only the swinging engine bracket(s) are bent - but I'd suggest there's going to be more than that.
Personally, I've found that bike vs. car doesn't usually end too well - it's often the rider who comes off worst, followed closely by busted bike syndrome.
Parent - - By Kiko Date 06.01.16 21:14
Thanks mate,

I managed to keep the bike upright...barely.

Today I got a call from the workshop today It was the swing arm support only.

Parent - - By Muddi Camel Date 06.01.16 21:53
Glad you're ok.

No cracks in the frame?
Parent - - By Kiko Date 06.01.16 23:11
Nop, they took 4 days to inspect and thoroughly access the damage.

2 accidents on the C1 within 3 months none of them my fault but still makes you wonder it's really worth risking life by riding instead of driving...
Parent - - By alunt Date 07.01.16 10:48
The reason for riding the C1 is to reduce risk to life, that sturdy cage round you sees to that. Still no deaths that I've heard of to any C1 rider who was wearing the seat belts.
Parent - By HelmetHair Date 07.01.16 19:39
That's tragic, but it's not at all clear if he was belted in or not.
Parent - By aware Date 07.04.18 13:32
Old revived thread, but yesterday I met a person who was a witness to fatal accident with a C1 in Athens Greece many years ago with a rather famous actor colliding with a C1 biker.
The witness said that the people that accessed first the victim asked for a knife to cut the belt(s)...
Tragic at least
Parent - By rockstedy Date 07.01.16 14:08
Just think how much worst outcome would be on normal bike. Get yourself dash/helmet cam- you never know when one of moron drivers hit you! Stay safe
Up Topic C1 Information / Repairs - Faults & Fixes / collision damage

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