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- - By LRS Date 18.11.15 12:13
Hello 4 Everyone,

I am interested in buying a good condition BMW C1, it can be 125cc or 200cc. Please make offers to directly to me or to my email

Thank You in advance!
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 18.11.15 17:09
Have you really been after a C1 since 2011? :-)

Where are you based and what is your price range/ budget?
Parent - By LRS Date 18.11.15 18:15
Hi Mad_Accountant,

Yes I had other projects after 2011 ;)

I am located in Lithuania, but the delivery is not a problem ;)

I can pay till 1500£, but of course it depends on condition, engine cc, and optional fitted equipment

Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 18.11.15 17:53
What did you buy before?
Ther s one on eBay.
Parent - - By LRS Date 18.11.15 18:11
Hi HelmetHair,

Earlier I bought several C1 there on this forum, and several from Ebay. But it was in 2007-2009 ;)

Could You give me a link?

Parent - - By LRS Date 19.11.15 21:09
Hi ;)

Is anybody online there on this forum?
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 22.02.16 10:38

and I have an excellent Williams ABS 125 available if you are still looking ......
Parent - - By LRS Date 18.03.19 21:06
Hello for everyone colleagues,

I am still interested in buing C1. Still not find good condition. If You interested to sell please PM. I will pickup by myself.

Thank You

Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 18.03.19 22:00
So, you are buying in the U.K. in order to sell in Europe?
Parent - - By LRS Date 19.03.19 04:43
I am not going to resell. I want to have several in my garage. As now I live in capital and it is easier to travel with moto. Thanks
Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 19.03.19 09:40
Ah! a collector! (or hoarder? :) )
how many do you have? is the idea to have some kind of museum or exhibition?
I was in the Barber museum in Alabama a couple of years ago, and they had a red one that was not in the best condition, but then again they are hard to get in the USA!
Parent - - By LRS Date 20.03.19 04:03
I had 4 pcs of c1 till 2015, now I havent any in my storage of c1, but have other things :) so if Anyone can share where can I get bad or good condition c1 in advance thank You!
Parent - - By LRS Date 21.03.19 08:51
Dear Members,

Nobody has for 4 sale any C1 :)?
Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 21.03.19 09:19
two on ebay right now
Parent - - By LRS Date 22.03.19 06:27
I will check , thank You. Also saw on . Where do You get spare parts for Your bikes? Still BMW dealer has them ? Because in my country not all parts can get and propose.

Parent - By DCW Date 11.04.19 15:35
200 Family Friend
Not saying photos are impossible but it's been stuck at the back of my garage behind loads of stuff for 18yrs.
It is as new, but obviously dirty! I did about 20 trips to work ( 11 miles each way ) then they completed
the roundabout which was causing the traffic problems, so I jumped in the car again. It was never scratched
or damaged, and did the job for which I bought it.
I can remember it was coming up to its first BMW inspection at 600m when I put it away.
Got original receipt, brochure, booklet, sorns, and I think two sets of keys.
Pretty sure it's got ABS from memory
It's red/silver with yellow seat and I bought it new.
Thanks for your interest David 0778 6666 529 ( best Mon-Fri 11am - 5pm better signal than where I live )
Parent - By adouglasmathie2 Date 10.05.19 12:30
I am interested in selling my C1.
Photos here -

My C1 125 has been sitting unused for about 24 months.

The main reason I stopped using it was that the engine had started cutting out after about 10 minutes running. I am 95% sure this in because the valve clearances need adjusted (it’s got about 8000 miles on it, and they have never been adjusted). However, I live in Glasgow and organising a service is not easy – there is no one that nearby who “knows” C1s, and am “time poor” at the moment.

Some more info about the bike (in the spirit of full disclosure).

It’s an ex Strathclyde Police Bike on a 52 plate.
The speedo stopped working a few years ago – but I am pretty sure the mileage is about 8k.

I bought it about 10 years ago.
There is only one previous recorded owner – Strathclyde Police
Under my ownership it has been largely used for a 4 mile commuting run from my house to/from Glasgow city centre.

It’s in white with tan seats.
It has the Boot / Pizza Delivery box (also in white).

It has been dropped a few times (it’s a vandal magnet) so the bodywork is a bit tatty on the right hand side.
For example, the right tit is there, but it’s bashed.

It doesn’t have a great service history.
Bolt on Billy serviced it about 6 years ago.
I gave it a mini service about 3 years ago.
But remember it doesn’t do many miles a year.

Other than the cutting out it was running fine.

It has a Bolt on Billy Stand Mod fitted.
However, the cable to the centre stand snapped a few years ago.
I never got round to fixing this – I just hopped off the bike and used my foot to raise or lower it.
It’s a three prong stand.

I have also added high level LED brake lights

The front fork tubes are cracked at the top – but are patched with jubilee clips.
The front fork bottoms show the signs of fluid leakage.

The headlight sub-frame is quite corroded.

The MOT has run out.

It needs a 8k service – and probably the valves adjusted.

I have a good collection of spare parts (e.g. front wheel bearings) and spare panels.
Parent - By Keefy Date 09.08.20 19:20
Hi there,
I have a c1 200 executive for sale.

Contact me on 07887 802727 or

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